Community and Public Health Education

Community and Public Health Education is a field with many opportunities and room to grow and explore. This program can provide you with the introductory, but specialized knowledge and skills you need to address current and emerging public and community health issues. With the rapid development of new technologies for disease prevention and promotion of health, public and community health professionals require a broad-ranging education with emphases on problem-solving skills and an understanding of the complexity of creating individual and community health. Biostatisticians apply statistical theory, methods, and techniques to the planning, development, and evaluation of health programs and problems. They collect and analyze various types of information such as demographic and vital statistics, social and business data, health resources statistics, and other forms of social and economic data that are relevant to modern health problems. Upon completion, transfer degree options include health education, health promotion, wellness, nutrition, public health, health management or epidemiology/biostatistics. An A.S. in Public and Community Health offers you a foundation that will prepare you for further education and a career in service to humanity.

Graduates are able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to interpret and analyze evidence-based health and wellness information in order to make sound decisions and solve problems as they apply to community and public health. 
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge and skills in assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of individual and community health needs 
  • Identify and utilize behavioral strategies to promote positive lifestyle choices and improve the health of individuals and communities. 
  • Demonstrate proficiency in suitable technologies, scientific inquiry skills and communication strategies relevant to community and public health issues; 
  • Demonstrate the ability to discuss and integrate the importance and influence of social and cultural factors and their effects on public health.

Community and Public Health A.S. program requirements

Associate Dean, Division of Professional Studies: Deb Beall

Coordinator: Rosemary Anthony