Criminal Justice Degree: Accelerated A.A.S.

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Convenient Program
We know you’re busy. Give us one night a week and time online for 16 months, and we’ll get you an associate’s degree in criminal justice.  

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SUNY CCC’s Accelerated Associate’s degree program in Criminal Justice caters to your needs, including your busy lifestyle. The program -- from start to finish -- takes just 16 months. (Yes, classes are held during the summer!) Most classes are offered online. Friday nights, from 6pm to 9pm, class will be in session at Hornell High School, Hornell, NY.  

A rewarding, action-oriented career in Criminal Justice begins with a balanced combination of law enforcement theory and practical experience. Anchored in a solid curriculum that includes liberal arts courses, the Criminal Justice program prepares students for careers in law enforcement, security, investigation, corrections, military intelligence, and other related professions. To qualify for positions in the criminal justice field, graduates usually must pass a written civil service examination, physical agility tests and are subject to background investigations.

Graduates will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the criminal justice system, the causes of criminal conduct, and the response to criminal behavior; demonstrate beginning application of law; understand the value of ethical behavior in the administration of justice; apply critical thinking in criminal justice; apply beginning technical proficiencies; use appropriate communication skills; demonstrate awareness of our pluralistic society to foster understanding and tolerance.

Hands-on experience combines with studies in government, law, psychology, and literature to develop the competence needed for the variety of demands placed daily on criminal justice personnel.

Recognized throughout the northeast as an exceptional educational facility, the CCC Criminal Justice Complex, located on Goff Road (Exit 48, Route 352) in East Corning, features state-of-the-art investigative tools. It is also a New York State regional training center that certifies law enforcement officers.

High school or equivalent preparation required: No special requirements.

In addition to English and Math, students will take the following classes..

Outline of Coursework
Semester 1

  • CRJ1010: Introduction to Criminal Justice offered onoine and onsite
  • ENGL1010: Composition I offered online
  • PSYC1101: Introduction to Psychological Sciences offered online

Semester 2

  • SOCI1010: Introducation to Sociology
  • ENGL1020: Composition II
  • CRJ1040: Criminal Procedure Law

Semester 3

  • BUSN1055: Professionalism (free elective) offered online
  • GOVT1010: American Federal Government offered online

Semester 4

  • MATH1150: Quantitative Reasoning II
  • CRJ1050: Penal Law offered onsite
  • CRJ2015: Criminal Investigations offered online
  • SPCH 1080: Public Speaking (free elective) offered online

Semester 5

  • CRJ2025: Criminal Evidence and Procedure offered online and onsite
  • PSYC2030: Organizational Behavior offered online 

Semester 6

  • CRJ2050: Criminal Justice Ethics offered online
  • BIOL1050: Human Biology 
  • CRJ1030: Police Operations

Semester 7

  • Criminal Justice electives