Alumni Spotlight

When different works

Dan Mori has a history of starting successful small businesses: he has done it three times. He is also the Director of Business Incubation at Binghamton University, where he helps others mirror his results. This semester, Dan will visit Corning Community College to share some of his secrets with CCC students as one of the presentations in this semester’s Inspired series, a program that invites performers, lecturers, and workshop leaders to entertain, enrich, educate, and inspire the audience.

Dan, who lives in Corning, NY, is a partner in Employment Solutions, a staffing agency with seven offices in the northeast that serve 23 states. He also has a training company that assists young entrepreneurs who are looking to develop a sustainable operation. Finally, he is a partner in a Boston-based software company that provides an on-demand recruiting platform for the food and beverage industry.

He got his start at CCC as a student studying entrepreneurship.

“Being an entrepreneur is about seeing the world differently,” said Dan, who is married with three children. “Entrepreneurs break the mold. They figure out what contribution they want to make to society, what mark they want to make in this world, and then they go out and do it. My time and the mentoring I received at CCC played a critical role in developing the self-confidence I needed to go out on my own and build the ideal life for me.”