Elective Course Categories

Every program of study at Corning Community College allows you to choose "electives"—those courses not specifically required, but rather chosen from a number of options.

Some electives will be chosen from a specific subject area such as "Social Sciences." Others will be chosen from a broader range such as "Liberal Arts and Sciences." Still others will be chosen from almost any course offered at CCC—these are called "free electives." Depicted below is a general guide to electives. However, there are exceptions. When exceptions occur, they are indicated in the course descriptions. Read them carefully.

  • Liberal Arts and Sciences electives include courses in the Communications, Honors, Humanities, Laboratory Sciences, Mathematics, Science, and Social Sciences categories. 
  • Free electives include all Liberal Arts and Sciences electives, as well as Business courses, and courses under Additional Courses below. 
Course Categories Chart
Business Accounting, Business, Computer, Computer Network, Economics, Management, Marketing, Travel & Tourism
Communications English, Media Communications, Speech, Theatre
Honors All courses with the HONS prefix
Humanities Art, Foreign Languages, Humanities, Media Communications, Music, Philosophy, Sign Language, Speech, Theatre, 2000-level English
Laboratory Sciences Any Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, and General Science (SCIN) courses which have laboratory experiences along with lectures
Mathematics All courses with the MATH prefix
Science Includes all Laboratory Science and most General Science (SCIN) courses
Social Sciences Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Government, History, Psychology, Sociology
Additional Courses Architectural Drawing, Auto Body, Automotive, Career Planning,Chemical Technology, Computing Graphics, Computer Repair, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood, Education, Electrical Technology, Engineering, Fire Science, First Year Experience(FYEX), Health Education, Human Services, Interdisciplinary, Law Enforcement, Learning Skills, Mechanical Tech­nology, Medical Terminology, Nursing, Orientation, Paralegal, HEPD, PEPD/ REPD Development, Recreation, Technology (General), Wellness, Winemaking, Writing Skills
Wellness Requirement Awareness/Instructional: Health Education, Wellness Activity: Physical Education, Recreation
Equivalent Credit Courses Equivalent credit courses are not used to satisfy degree requirements