Guide to Courses

Courses are listed alphabetically by subject prefixes and 4-digit numbers that indicate the course level. Numbers that begin with a 0 are non-credit or developmental courses and do not apply to a degree. Those that begin with a 1 are freshmen or first-year level courses; a 2 indicates a sophomore or second-year level course and usually has a prerequisite. When a prerequisite is indicated, students who believe they have knowledge similar to the prerequisite may register for the course with instructor consent.

New courses are continuously being added and some courses are being deleted from the curricula, so if a course is not listed in this catalog, students should consult the appropriate division to find a description. For more detailed information about a course, the course outline (syllabus) is available from the division secretary. Help in locating information about courses is also available from counselors, advisors, or Advising & Counseling Services

Please note also that not every course is offered every semester. Fall and Spring are used to indicate when courses are normally offered. “ASN” identifies those courses not offered on a regular basis.