Nursing I - simulation lab

NURS 1100
Credit Hours

The first in a sequence of four nursing courses. Content is based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and growth and development throughout the life cycle. Students will learn how to meet the physiological needs of the patient within the legal and ethical parameters of the nursing profession. (8 cr. hrs.) (Fall).
Prerequisites: Submission of Nursing I eligibility packet (available online or from the Nurse Education Department) verifying successful completion of any developmental work required as a result of CCC assessment test;
Eligible for MATH 1215;
Biology & Chemistry in high school with a 75% or higher or a college course with a "C" or higher.
Professional level CPR certification through an American Heart Association American Red Cross course only;
Evidence of current health insurance;
Updated health form specific for nursing students must be maintained throughout the program.
Obtain a current criminal background check with a company designated by the Nurse Education Department and a Pennsylvania child abuse screening.
Program requirements and prerequisites can be found in the "Programs" section of this catalog.
Concurrent enrollment or prior completion of BIOL 1210 with a grade of C or higher (or prior completion of SCIN 1010 or BIOL 2020 with a grade of C or higher).

General Assembly Session (4 hrs./wk.), Small Assembly Sessions (2 hrs./wk.), hospital or campus laboratories (9 hrs./wk.). Labs can be assigned during day, evening and/or weekend hours.
A grade of C or higher is required to continue in the program; satisfactory and safe performance in the lab is required to pass the course.
Some Internet/Blackboard assignments are required in the course.
Liability insurance, lab fee, testing fee, and course fee.
A required orientation will be held prior to the start of the semester.