NursingIV - Psychiatric Lab

NURS 2500
Credit Hours

This is the fourth and final course of the Nursing program which builds on previously acquired skills and knowledge and focuses on the physiological and psychosocial needs of the patient within the legal and ethical parameters of the nursing profession. The focus is on concepts of patient care management and the role of entry-level nurse. NCLEX preparation for the licensure exam is included in this course. Students must be within 15 credits of graduation in order to register for this course. (9 cr. hrs.) (Spring). Prerequisites: NURS 2100 and successful completion of all required science courses. CPR certification through American Heart Association "Health Care Provider" or American Red Cross "Basic Life Support for the Professional Rescuer"; evidence for current health insurance; updated health form specific for nursing students must be maintained throughout the program. Returning students must obtain a current criminal background check with company designated by the Nurse Education Department and a Pennsylvania child abuse screening. Program requirements and prerequisites can be found in the "Programs" section of this catalog. General Assembly Session (4 hrs./wk.), Small Assembly Sessions (2 hrs./wk.), hospital laboratory (11 hrs./wk.). Labs can be assigned during day, evening and/or weekend hours. During planned mental health/community health experiences, lab times may change. The last two weeks of the semester will include 48 hours of clinical that may be days/evenings/weekends. Some Internet/ Blackboard assignments are required in the course. A grade of C or higher is required to graduate from the program. Satisfactory and safe performance in the lab is required to pass the course. Health insurance is required. Liability insurance, lab fee, testing fee, and course fee.