Associates in Arts Degree

Associate in Arts programs must contain from 62 to 64 credit hours with more than 75% of the required credits drawn from the Liberal Arts and Sciences. Approved waivers may allow an Associate in Arts program to exceed 64 credits. Associate in Arts programs must provide for the completion of seven of the ten SUNY General Education areas and for completion of thirty credits of approved SUNY General Education courses. The specific requirements for an Associate in Arts program include:

  • six credits of English (three in rhetoric and three in literature),
  • three credits of mathematics,
  • six credits of laboratory science,
  • six credits of social sciences,
  • six credits of humanities,
  • two credits of wellness,
  • and sufficient liberal arts and sciences requirements or electives to achieve the 75% minimum.

Any remaining credits can be assigned to free electives or other program requirements. A minimum of nine credits must be upper-level.

These specific requirements may be modified if there is demonstrated evidence that the modifications are warranted by transfer requirements, but the requirements must still conform to SUNY and NYS Education Department regulations.