Practicing Artist

Professor Fred Herbst likes science fiction. Not because he’s into futuristic settings and parallel universes. Rather, his interest lies in the use of technology to present the artistry that drives the genre. Trained in both traditional and contemporary art methods, Professor Herbst’s ultimate goal is to incorporate the technological techniques into his own work and introduce them to CCC students.

Professor Herbst came to CCC in 2000 from a teaching position in Dallas for several reasons. Personally, he and his wife Alicia (a Visiting Lecturer of Art at CCC),  enjoy all four seasons. Professionally, he was excited to work with the people he met at CCC during the interview process and eager to join a community anxious for someone to develop and lead a ceramics program.

In his position, Professor Herbst has built both things and relationships. Under his leadership two wood-burning kilns and a partnership with the Corning Museum of Glass, home of world renowned artists, have been established.

“The kilns allow me to bring practicing artists and faculty from four-year Fine Arts programs to campus to work directly with students,” said Professor Herbst, whose personal work has been shown across the country in a variety of juried and invitational exhibitions. “Guest artists bring fresh perspectives and new inspiration to class. Through my relationship with the museum, I am also able to introduce industrial design concepts into my lectures.”

Some fun facts about Fred: He’s a runner – three times a week, three miles every time – and he’s also a writer.

“Because the kilns are such a big part of my world, most people don’t know that I also write,” said Professor Herbst. “It’s important to branch out and develop different dimensions of your personality.”

You can find musings from Professor Herbst in publications like Ceramics Monthly, Studio Potter, and The Log Book: The International Publication for Woodfired Ceramics. His work has also been published in 500 Teapots Vol. 2 and Wood-fired Ceramics: 100 Contemporary Artists.