Dedicated to Teach

Kyle Williams decided to pursue his Ph.D. in chemistry at the University of Michigan, but while conducting research he realized he couldn't stop thinking about teaching.

A rural, northern New Jersey lake town was the backdrop for Kyle Williams’ childhood. Like many with that background, Kyle spent his time going on adventures in the woods.

He was always interested in science, but once seventh grade came around, Kyle’s interest in experiments and chemistry began to flourish.

“I specifically remember conducting an experiment in seventh grade that included filling a balloon with hydrogen gas and lighting it on fire,” said Kyle, SUNY CCC Assistant Professor of Chemistry. “As a seventh grader that was a really cool thing to do and that memory has stuck with me all this time.”

When Kyle enrolled at Montclair State University he began to focus solely on chemistry. He accepted a TA (Teaching Assistant) position for research purposes during graduate school – a role he quickly fell in love with.

Kyle decided to pursue his Ph.D. at the University of Michigan, but while conducting research he realized he couldn’t stop thinking about teaching.

“I was never someone who enjoyed giving presentations or standing in front of a class,” said Kyle. “Once I started interacting with the students I realized it was a lot of fun. The students would challenge me with these insightful questions, and it forced me to revisit certain subject matter and get better in my field.”

Once Kyle decided teaching was his true passion, he pursued the Assistant Professor of Chemistry position at SUNY CCC. His favorite part about SUNY CCC is working in the Chem Tech program and helping students land internships at Corning Incorporated.

“The internship opportunities that we have with Corning Incorporated are fantastic for students,” said Kyle. “All of the students absolutely loved their experiences with Corning Incorporated over winter break and seeing their excitement motivated me even more to help them find different internships and job opportunities.”

When Kyle isn’t teaching he spends his time preparing lesson plans, playing video games, and watching sci-fi television. Though he sold his motorcycle before moving to New York, he plans on buying another one within the next year or two.

“The stress melts away when I’m on a motorcycle,” said Kyle. “I fully intend on buying another one soon so I can go on rides when the weather is nice.”

Kyle is looking forward to exploring the Finger Lakes region this summer and plans to take a small vacation there with his dog, Izzy.