Barry Pappas

Associate Professor
Airport Corporate Park, Lab (T118)
Barry Pappas

It has been my pleasure to have been teaching Automotive Technology for over 25 years at this writing. It has been my goal as an instructor to have my classes be as close as possible to the 'real ' world so students are prepared for what is in their future. I started in the automotive world as an Apprentice for a couple years in an independent shop in Massachusetts. This is the norm for beginning in a trade. The second step was Journeyman, where I took my show on the road. I learned air conditioning in Florida, alignments in Philadelphia and transmission repair and electronics in New York. This is where I achieved Master Technician status for Toyota, General Motors and ASE, the National Accreditation for Automotive Service Excellence. I was a service tech for over 15 years, shop foreman in a dealership for two years and a Service Manager in a five-franchise dealership for four years when I started teaching at CCC. I got my BS degree Summa Cum Laude from SUNY Oswego '95 in Vocational Technical Education.

Along with my interest in all things mechanical, I enjoy winter sports like skiing and ice boat sailing. In the warmer months I enjoy sailing, power boating, kayaking, motorcycling, and hiking. I think it is important to pursue other areas of interest to keep yourself fresh so you can have longevity in your occupation and enjoy your life.

Good luck on your future path at CCC or wherever you go.