David Quattrone

Business Administration
Classroom, (C201L)
David Quattrone

David B. Quattrone came to CCC straight from the battlefields of Vietnam in 1967. He did not know what he wanted to be when he grew up. Quattrone decided to take advantage of the GI bill, and learn something about business just in case he went into business with his father. He also had a dream of wrestling in college and knew that CCC had a wrestling team.  

Quattrone had not been a good student in high school, and had some fear about his academic shortfalls. CCC, with its excellent teachers, changed his outlook. He had exceptional accounting teachers namely Robert Kelly and Dick Pettingill. This was his first academic success. He fell in love with the discipline of accounting.  From this experience, he decided that he wanted to be a professor of accounting when he grew up. Quattrone also had some success on the wrestling team, and was proud to be elected co-captain for the 1968/69 school year. Ed Michaels, the wrestling coach, was exceptional, and has continued to be a valued advisor throughout his career. Wrestling provided discipline and structure to Quattrone's time throughout his four years of education.  

Upon graduation from CCC in 1969, Quattrone transferred to the University of Buffalo to pursue a Bachelors’ degree in accounting. His wrestling career also continued, and Ed Michaels took the head coaching job at the University of Buffalo for his senior year. Upon graduation from the University of Buffalo in 1971, He took a position with one of the then big eight accounting firms. He worked for a year and half at the Buffalo Office of Arthur Young and Company CPA’s.  

In September of 1972, Quattrone took a teaching position at CCC. He was hired by one of his old mentors, Robert Kelly. He continued his education at SUNY Binghamton, attending evening school for four years and earned a Master’s degree in accounting in 1976.  Upon completion of his Master’s degree, he completed the CPA exam in 1977, and was awarded the New York State Certified Public Accounting Certificate.  

Ann Marie Rossi Alumni-Employee Award
SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching
Board of Trustees Award for Excellence in Teaching