Matthew Haas

Learning Resource Center, (R215)
Matthew Haas

A writer, a thinker, and an artist, Matthew Haas comes from a diverse academic background culminating in a label collectively known as "Computer Science". Fighting the endless battle against misunderstanding and disinformation, he works tirelessly to inform the world of the boundless potential as seen through the lens of Computer Science. This field, contrary to popular belief, is predominantly about philosophy, art, creativity, and expression. It is not about learning how to use/repair/operate a "PC". Haas invites you to journey with him on a semester of intellectual discovery, wrought with expectation-shattering realizations, contemplating the many degrees of laziness to maximize productivity, and learning in ways that exercise parts of the brain infrequently noticed.

Favorite Course to Teach

Linux and Unix Fundamentals (CSCS 1730)

Personal Glimpse

"I was drawn to CCC on the premise that, as only a 2 year community college, expectations are low. Students are not expected to indulge in undergraduate research, or do notable and significant things (especially as compared to 4 year and Ivy League schools). It is due to this expectation that students thrive, and strive to do the exact opposite, redefining what it means to learn and experience knowledge.

I believe that through philosophic and creative expression, immersion in the language arts, and developing a passion for reading and playing; learning easily transcends the boundaries of any class meeting, course, or degree. And through the perspective of Computer Science, people can develop a new passion for life where they really do not live in a world of separate, disconnected disciplines and structures, but instead a continuous fabric of pattern, algorithm, and possibility. I believe that Computer Science isn't merely "a" discipline; it is the very thread that sews everything together. When people see the world as one, everything becomes a little bit more cozy and exciting. I seek to draw out this perspective in the curious passerby, in whatever class and whatever topic he may be involved in.

Publications or Projects

Matthew Haas is the instigator of the LAIR (Location for Abstract and Innovative Resources), a Computer Science/IT/High Performance Computing lab/learning community located at CCC's Business Development Center in downtown Corning. With the help of the LAIR, Haas enables students to achieve more of their potential by giving them an educational atmosphere conducive to the development of experimentation, exploration, writing, and sharing such interests with others.

Haas is also involved in some esoteric brain and lifestyle hacking endeavors such as cursive handwriting, mirror scripting, upside down writing, memory mnemonics, polyphasic sleep, brainwave entrainment, and alternative health modalities to discover new approaches for improving student learning and creative expression.