Lori Barrett

Assistant Professor
Science, Office (S104)
Lori Barrett

Before teaching full-time at Corning in 1998, I taught high school mathematics at Cowanesque Valley in Westfield PA and then worked in the Mathematics Learning Center as a Math Specialist under a one-year grant position.  I then taught at CCC part-time once I had children.  But I loved teaching college students so much that I made the decision to go to Binghamton University and earn my Master's degree in Mathematics and apply for a full-time teaching position.  Balancing a long commute, two small children, and the stress of overloaded classes, I can relate to many of my own students here at CCC with their own balancing acts of family, work, and school.

Courses I regularly teach include Statistics, College Math I and II, and the liberal arts Structures of Math courses I and II. 

I am a self-taught musician who has been performing locally in various capacities for almost 40 years, and there is a definite musical flavor to the courses I teach.