Zachary Jones talks about his experience in the Honors Program

Honors Program

The Honors Program offers motivated students the opportunity to sharpen their research skills, broaden their knowledge across disciplines, and create unique projects tailored to their specific career goals and academic interests while collaborating with other students and in cooperation with faculty. In pursuit of academic excellence, students will be challenged to think critically, creatively, and in divergent ways.


Entering freshmen with a high school GPA of 3.5 or equivalent and CCC students with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 and at least 12 credit hours earned are eligible to take Honors courses, either toward and Honors diploma or to simply enhance their academic work across disciplines.

Honors Courses

Any student who is Honors-eligible can enroll in an Honors course whether he or she intends on completing an Honors diploma or not. Honors courses fall into the following categories:

Existing courses taken for Honors credit

Any CCC course can be taken for Honors credit provided that the student and instructor agree on the additional curriculum and work that must be completed in order for the student to earn honors credit. To take an existing course for Honors credit, an interested student should approach his or her instructor within the first five weeks of the semester and ask if he or she can take the course for Honors credit. The student and instructor should write up and sign a brief “Honors Contract” that outlines the additional curriculum, work and instructor-student contact time that the student must complete and forward it to the Honors Program Coordinator for approval by the Honors Committee.

Honors Designated Courses

These are courses designed specifically for the Honors Program although any Honors-eligible student can enroll in them.

Honors Forums

The Honors Forum is a seminar for the discussion of various ideas and topics arising from outside readings or activities. Emphasis is on the preparation, presentation, discussion, and analysis of these topics, as well as on effective communication of ideas. Guest speakers and field trips are also often part of the Forum. Students can repeat the Honors Forum twice and earn three credit hours each time. The Honors Forum is listed in the CCC Catalog and Class Schedule as Honors Forum I (HONS 2960) and Honors Forum II (HONS 2961).

Honors Service Learning and Independent Study

Service Learning and Independent Study courses can also be developed for Honors students. Eligible students who are interested should meet with the appropriate instructor and discuss the parameters of such a course. If the instructor agrees, an “Honors Contract” should be drawn up and submitted as described above.

Honors Diploma

To earn an Honors Diploma, a student must complete no fewer than 15 credit hours of Honors course work, from the type of Honors courses listed above. Up to three credits can be taken as Service Learning or Independent Study.