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Acoustic Communication in Birds
June 2, 2017
Eileen Collins Observatory

Professor David Pindel presents the next Elmira-Corning Astronomical Society meeting on the wonderful diversity of acoustic communication in birds. The functions of bird vocalizations, methods of sound analysis and interpretation, and the combination of sound with other types of communication will be discussed. An example of a bioacoustics study involving barred owls will be presented as an example. Numerous sounds and videos will be played during the presentation, and sources of further information will be provided.

David Pindel received his Bachelor of Science in biology (1994) from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, where he also had minor studies in chemistry and philosophy. He received his Master of Science (1997) in biology/ecology from Western Illinois University, where his research involved a quantitative analysis of barred owl ecology, behavior, and communication – all from an evolutionary perspective. Dave Pindel is a professor of Biology at Corning Community College and has been teaching here since 1999. He is currently the Science Department Chairperson.



We have many types and sizes of telescopes here at our Observatory. Our two largest telescopes are both reflectors - the 20" and the 16". Our 20" telescope is the one-tenth scale model of the Hale Telescope at Mount Palomar in California. We also have 14", 12", 10", 8", and 6" reflectors that were built by members of the Elmira-Corning Astronomical Society. We have 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain reflectors in addition to 4" refractors and a solar telescope. All of these telescopes are on display at the Observatory. Some of them can be used by the public during our Friday night observing sessions.

If you have any questions, please call the Observatory at 607-962-9494 or email Deborah Dann, Director of the Observatory, at dann@corning-cc.edu.