Rendering - Health Education Center

Nursing and Healthcare in the 21st century

Health Education Center - Corning Community College

Thanks to New York State’s Upstate Revitalization Initiative, Corning Community College will lead the way in preparing professionals for an industry ready for growth, innovation, and higher wages. CCC will reinvent healthcare education with revised curricula and a state-of-the-art facility in downtown Corning. The three-floor Health Education Center will serve as the gateway to the College’s Spencer Hill campus, fully support the City of Corning’s Comprehensive Plan and revitalization effort for the Denison Parkway Streetscape, invigorate the College’s nursing program, and open the door for additional academic program opportunities in the healthcare field.

With an expected open date of Fall 2017, the building is currently under construction. Floors one and two will be a mix of classroom and office spaces. The third floor will be a 21st century simulation lab. Newly purchased mannequins -- birthing mother, newborn, and adolescent -- ensure that all students have critical hands-on training in birthing and adolescent care.

“Because only three centers in our area provide these services, students have had to demonstrate incredible flexibility to build and refine their skills in maternal childcare,” said Cathleen Kunkler, director of the College’s Nurse Education program. “The new simulation floor will be equipped with audio and video capabilities, so students and faculty can debrief life and death scenarios in productive, skill-building ways that will prepare students to succeed in real-world situations.”

The technology-rich Health Education Center includes an Assembly Room outfitted to facilitate engagement and collaboration from corner to corner and videoconferencing capabilities designed to empower guest presenters from around the globe to lead and participate in discussions. In addition, new academic requirements will ensure that graduates are ready to use the technology used in the field. All students beginning the nursing program in the Fall 2017 will be required to use personal computers with the capacity to support career-relevant software.