Chris Mckibben

Blessing in Disguise

A blessing in disguise. That’s how Chris Mckibben ’19 describes his journey to SUNY Corning Community College.

Just two weeks after graduating from Corning-Painted Post East High School, Chris woke up one morning and could not move. A brain abscess had paralyzed the entire left side of his body. Chris was forced into the hospital for over a month, and had to wait eight months before attending SUNY Fredonia to play baseball. Once he finally got to college, a SLAP tear in his labrum forced Chris to redshirt his freshman year. Chris and his parents decided that returning home and attending SUNY CCC was his best option.

“It was heartbreaking to have my dreams taken away from me due to uncontrollable events,” said Chris. “When I came home to Corning, I convinced myself to give college one more shot. It ended up being the best decision I made for myself.”

Thankfully, Chris could bring his love for baseball along with him to SUNY CCC.

“I love the competition and the grind of being a student athlete here at SUNY CCC,” said Chris. “But I also think it’s made me a more mature individual. I’m more focused, and I have tunnel vision on my future.”

Just last year, Chris endured yet another injury – a torn ligament in his arm, which led to a procedure referred to as Tommy John surgery; extracting a healthy tendon from somewhere in the patient’s body and using it to replace the torn ligament.

The perseverance Chris has shown to overcome injury after injury is a true testament to his character. It’s also allowed him to push through obstacles in his way, and to remain dedicated in the classroom. As a business administration major, Chris is interested in multiple aspects of the field, including finance, accounting, and sales.

“There’s so much you can do with a business administration degree, and it really allows me to keep my options open,” said the first generation college student. “I’m glad I’m getting my start here because it’s provided me with a good foundation to move forward.”

After graduating in May, Chris is looking to attend a four-year school to pursue his bachelor’s degree in business administration. Currently, Arizona Christian University is at the top of his list.

“I’m looking forward to getting more real-world experiences and seeing what the west coast has to offer,” said Chris. “The opportunities are really endless, especially in my field.”

For now, Chris is focused on the remainder of the Red Barons baseball season.