CCC student wearing safety goggles and holding a test tube

CCC Science Club invites community to name People’s Choice Experiment

Members of the community are invited to name the People’s Choice experiment at Corning Community College on Monday by voting for their favorite science project in the Corning Community College (CCC) Science Club’s first-known science fair on Monday, April 16, 2018, from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., in the Triangle Lounge of the Commons building (1 Academic Drive, Corning, N.Y.).


Photo of Dr. Koble
Dr. Koble, CCC Science Club advisor

The inaugural event will showcase seven scientific experiments performed by students, including the antimicrobial benefits of plants and common herbs, a project involving the use of magnets for perpetual rotation, and more.




According to biology professor and Science Club advisor, Dr. Robert Koble, the CCC Science Fair transpired after a dynamic conversation during one of his Club meetings.

“This is a student-driven project that they created and organized themselves,” Koble said. “It is a great opportunity for undergraduates to gain valuable research experience, display their work, and strengthen their ability to communicate complicated scientific topics to a wide variety of audiences.”

Dr. Matthew Skerritt, a professor of biology and chemistry at CCC, weighed in on the benefits of participating in research-oriented extracurricular activities.

“Encouraging students to conduct research is just one more way that we use to help students learn – this time outside of the classroom,” said Dr. Matthew Skerritt, “It fosters practical, hands-on knowledge, facilitates critical thinking skills, and inspires a sense of curiosity that has the power to stay with a person for life.”