HR Leader and Chief Diversity Officer Connie Park

New HR Leader and Chief Diversity Officer On Board

Corning Community College welcomes Connie Park to its leadership team as the Executive Director of Human Resources and Chief Diversity Officer. Park comes to CCC from Cornell University, most recently having worked with Engineering, Computing and Information Science, and Cornell Tech, the new campus in New York City. In addition to human resources oversight, Park will champion the College’s commitment to a diverse and inclusive College environment.

“I am delighted to welcome Connie to this expanded and reimagined position,” said Dr. Katherine P. Douglas, President of Corning Community College. “She brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding that will infuse our campus community and the greater community with thoughtful and meaningful perspectives and experiences. With Connie’s expertise, innovative spirit, and positive energy I am confident we will graduate students who are prepared to lead, to understand, and to appreciate cultural differences.”

As the Chief Diversity Officer, Park will engage faculty, staff, and students in building a welcoming and inclusive culture at CCC. She will assess potential barriers and develop strategies focused on integrating the values of inclusion into the mission, culture, and day-to-day experience of the campus. She will also lead and oversee compliance related to employment law and serve as the College’s Title IX Coordinator.

“I’m excited to begin this new role and contribute to the important mission of CCC,” said Park. “I believe that the path to success includes a commitment to fully leverage the diverse talents of its people. This can best be accomplished with smart, meaningful strategies that include a range of strategic and tactical initiatives. I am particularly proud to carry forward the rich history of leadership in the areas of diversity and inclusion, for instance our leadership in preparing women for careers in the sciences. ”

Park holds a Master’s of Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University and the Senior HR Professional certification. She has served as an adjunct facilitator and actor in the Cornell Interactive Theater Ensemble, a group that offers diversity and inclusion training around highly charged workplace issues. For more than 13 years, she was an active diversity and inclusion champion at her previous institution. She brings to CCC professional experience as an executive coach, having volunteered as a community mediator within the Ithaca, N.Y., area.