Khayyam Latif

Everything Leads to the Heart

Establishing human connections and relationships is what motivates Khayyam Latif ’19 to become a doctor.

“I used to be interested in engineering, but I realized I wanted to work with people,” said Khayyam. “To me, it’s fascinating that no two patients will ever be exactly the same. Everybody is unique and as a doctor you have to stay on top of your game.”

For Khayyam, being a doctor is one of the most noble career paths one can take.

“Whenever I say I want to be a doctor to save lives, it sounds so cliché,” said the Horseheads, N.Y., native. “But that’s exactly the reason I want to do it. I want to help people.”

Though he isn’t 100 percent sure what route in surgery he wants to take, Khayyam is beginning to lean towards becoming a cardiologist.

“Everything leads to the heart,” said Khayyam. “I think it would be challenging, yet extremely rewarding to work with such a centralized organ.”

Khayyam first became interested in the idea of becoming a doctor when he was an ACE (Accelerated College Education) student at SUNY CCC.

“Once I realized I wanted to focus on this goal, I became more interested in SUNY CCC because the student to professor ratio is smaller compared to a large university,” he said. “That just gives you more time to be with your professors, ask questions, and learn as much as possible.”

According to Professor Dave Pindel, Khayyam has a talent for critical thinking.

“Khayyam is an incredibly hard worker and I thoroughly enjoy my discussions with him,” said Dave. “I am certain he will make a terrific scientist one day.”

After graduating from SUNY CCC, Khayyam plans to attend Binghamton University to study biomedical engineering. He is excited to begin shadowing doctors in a hospital setting, and to start undergraduate research.

“I’m looking forward to the challenge of making myself stand out,” said Khayyam. “If I do that well and work hard I will be able to make important connections.”