Cameron Perry

The Golden Standard

Cameron Perry ’19 can trace his love for science all the way back to kindergarten, when one of the first words he could spell was “Paleontology.”

Though he’s no longer interested in dinosaurs, Cameron’s love for science never wavered. In fact, he decided to double major in liberal arts math and science and environmental science at SUNY Corning Community College.

“Science has always been important to me, and my love for the subject has really evolved over the years,” said Cameron. “I wanted to study marine biology for a while before deciding I wanted to work in the medical field.”

For Cameron, starting college at SUNY CCC was the most cost-effective way for him to obtain his degree.

“I had heard good things about the program here, and I knew that attending a small school had a lot of benefits,” said the Elmira, N.Y., native. “The students get a lot of individualized attention here at SUNY CCC because the class sizes are so small. The professors know who you are.”

Cameron was recently accepted into the Dr. Earl D. Smith School of Radiologic Technology at Arnot Ogden Medical Center. The school is a 24-month program that ends with the ARRT (American Registry for Radiologic Technologists) Exam. He became interested in MRI’s after shadowing a radiology technologist at Gurthrie Robert Packer Hospital.

“Honestly, MRI’s didn’t pique my interest at first because I didn’t know much about them, but that was quickly changed” said Cameron. “The guy I was shadowing was really good at explaining everything, and he definitely sparked my interest in MRI’s. I realized I could see myself doing it as a career.”

Cameron is looking forward to starting at Arnot and attending a school that is 100 percent focused on his specific field.

“It’s really the golden standard when you get to make a career out of the things you’re interested in,” said Cameron. “It’s just a bonus when that career pays well and you get to help people at the same time.”