Kail Burfield

In Great Hands

Growing up, Kail Burfield ’19 watched his mother work hard and take care of others as a registered nurse, now a nurse practitioner. Though he was interested in medicine, he decided to take a different route after high school and attend the University at Buffalo to major in business administration with a concentration in marketing.

“Everyone always told me to go to school for nursing,” said Kail. “I didn’t listen to them, and I quickly realized I did not enjoy working in a corporate office setting. I just wanted to help people.”

After a year of living in Philadelphia, Pa. working for a medical marketing company, Kail returned to the Southern Tier and began working as a nurse aide at Arnot Ogden Medical Center. Six months later, he enrolled in SUNY Corning Community College’s nursing program.

“I worked with a lot of former Corning nursing students at Arnot and they were good nurses,” said the Elmira, N.Y., native. “I also knew that by attending SUNY CCC I could enter the workforce after two years and work while pursuing my bachelor’s degree. It was the most efficient option.”

According to ­SUNY CCC Visiting Instructor Erin Lyons, Kail has a gift for forging relationships with his patients.

“Kail is a hard worker and eternally curious, and I think that will guide him easily to a career as a nursing leader,” said Erin. “His patients will be in great hands.”

Less than a month after graduating from SUNY CCC, Kail will begin his new position in the ICU at Arnot.

“Every day is going to be completely different in critical care,” said Kail. “It will be rewarding to work with the sickest people in the hospital and help them get better.”

After receiving his bachelor’s degree from Chamberlain University, Kail plans to attend graduate school to become a nurse practitioner. His goal is to work in cardiothoracic surgery as a family nurse practitioner (FNP).

“I love the heart,” said Kail. “If the heart isn’t working properly it’s going to affect so many different things in your body. It’s one reason I want to get my start in the ICU; I can gain important cardio skills.”

Kail is looking forward to starting his career as a nurse and seeing where his higher education will take him.

“I want to be a nurse practitioner because I love medicine and helping people. It’s simple,” said Kail.