Spencer Cavallaro

Helping People Heal

When Spencer Cavallaro ’19 travelled to Texas for a high school baseball camp, he came home with more than a new batting stance and memories with his teammates.

“There was a physical therapist at camp, and he talked to me about the science behind baseball, and how the two go together,” said Spencer. “That’s really the moment I became fascinated with physical therapy.”

Spencer brought his curiosity for physical therapy with him to SUNY Corning Community College when he became a liberal arts math and science major.

“Attending SUNY CCC was the most cost effective way for me to start my college career,” said the Presidential Scholar. “Not only that, but I’ve made a lot of good relationships with the faculty here, especially in the science department. They really care about how you’re doing.”

According to SUNY CCC Associate Professor of Chemistry Dr. Kamesh Narasimhan, Spencer was an excellent chemistry student.

“Spencer is a very hard-working student, who is always fully engaged in the classroom,” said Kamesh. "With his work ethic and desire for greatness, he will become successful."

After he graduates in May, Spencer plans to attend the University at Buffalo to major in exercise science. Though he doesn’t know what kind of physical therapist he wants to be, he is leaning towards outpatient therapy.

“I’ve always wanted to help people as much as I can,” said the Corning, N.Y., native. “I want to help people get back to their potential, and get them feeling better. That would be very rewarding for me.”

Spencer has spent time shadowing local physical therapists, and plans to continue shadowing until he leaves for Buffalo in the fall.

“It’s been an extremely eye-opening experience to be able to watch and learn from physical therapists in this area. It’s more than just helping people heal their body,” said Spencer. “Having compassion for your patients is equally as important.”

Spencer is looking forward to moving to Buffalo, but will miss Corning – the place he’s called home for 19 years.