Maria Gobea

Maria's Future Classroom

Interactive. Welcoming. Safe.

Those are the words Maria Gobea ’19 will use to describe her future classroom.

“Once I get my own students, I want them to think of me as one of those teachers they can come to if they need help, or just want to talk,” said Maria, a childhood education major at SUNY Corning Community College.

By combining her two favorite things, teaching and art, Maria’s goal is to become an art teacher that helps students discover various forms of self-expression.

“I love teaching because you have the opportunity to make a big impact on kids and their lives, and by being an art teacher you can show them how to use creativity as a positive outlet,” said Maria. “I want to show them how art can be a tool for stress relief.”

One teacher who has had an impact on Maria is SUNY CCC Associate Professor Julie Dick.

“[Julie] knows everything about education, so whenever I have a question about classes, my future, or studying I go and see her,” said Maria. “She’s really been one of my go-to people here.”

According to Julie, Maria’s caring nature and personality allow her to work well with others in a team setting.

“Maria is a hardworking, conscientious, and compassionate person,” said Julie. “She is enthusiastic about becoming a teacher, and her artistic talents will make her an excellent art teacher.”

After graduating from SUNY CCC, Maria plans to attend the State University College at Buffalo to major in art education.

“At first I wasn’t ready to move away from home, and I’ve really loved my time at SUNY CCC, but now I’m excited to go somewhere new,” said the Elmira, NY native. “While working towards my teaching degree and certifications I plan to do some self-discovery to figure out what my interests are beyond art.”

Maria is looking forward to becoming one step closer to having her own classroom.