Joey DeLeone

A Philosopher's Curiosity

Not many kids fall in love with philosophy at age 13, but Joey DeLeone ’19 did. His love for philosophy started with the biography of Socrates, and followed him to SUNY Corning Community College as an ASY (Accelerated Senior Year) student, where it became his major.

“I like studying philosophy because you can read about its history and the ideas of past philosophers,” said Joey. “But there’s also room for you to form your own ideas and opinions on a certain subject.”

After graduating in May, Joey plans to attend Binghamton University to continue studying philosophy, as well as biology, with the goal of working in Bioethics.

“Bioethics is the most currently applicable area of philosophy,” said the Elmira, N.Y. native. “Not only that, but it’s important. You can’t let ethical choices get discarded, because science is going to progress regardless. There needs to be a moderating factor to ensure it does so in a way that’s fair and sustainable.”

In order to be a leader in Bioethics, Joey knows it’s important to be the voice of reason behind each issue, especially if it’s in a medical setting.

“I would like to work on an ethics board for a hospital, which would include dealing with issues that can’t be taken lightly,” said Joey. “You have to be opinionated in order to come to a conclusion on what the morally correct choice of action would be.”

According to SUNY CCC Professor of Philosophy Dr. Gregg Caruso, Joey does not shy away from complex problems, or have an issue sharing his opinions.

“Joey has a sharp intellect and a philosopher’s curiosity,” said Gregg. “One of his greatest gifts is that he knows how to ask tough and probing questions. He also has a unique ability for developing insightful and original arguments.”

Joey is looking forward to starting his new journey at Binghamton, where he hopes to land an internship examining case studies, or shadowing a hospital risk manager.

“I think SUNY CCC did a really good job of preparing me for my next step in both academics and internship opportunities,” he said. “Now I’m just eager to get started at Binghamton and have new experiences.”

After graduating from Binghamton, Joey plans to attend graduate school and eventually receive his Ph.D. in philosophy.