Paul Milliken

Practical Application

Whether he’s on the field or in the classroom, Paul Milliken ’19 believes in the power of teamwork. He plans to use the life lessons he’s gained as a SUNY Corning Community College student athlete in the next phase of his life.

“Being a student athlete is definitely hard, but it’s made me a better person,” said Paul. “I’ve developed better time management skills, and learned to ask for help when I need it by going to the Learning Commons on campus.”

When he enrolled at SUNY CCC as a Presidential Scholar, Paul knew it wasn’t going to be all about soccer. He understood the importance of academics and the advantage of small class sizes.

“Only having 20 or so students in a class allowed me to learn better and establish a good foundation for my engineering courses,” said Paul. “It’s easier to make connections with your professors. They know who you are.”

As an engineering science major, Paul is interested in engineering because it allows him to problem solve and work with his hands.

“I really gravitated towards calculus and physics in high school because I liked the practical application side of it all,” said Paul.

After graduating from SUNY CCC, Paul plans to attend the University at Buffalo to major in civil engineering.

“To be able to design and build useful things people use every day, such as bridges, would be very rewarding for me,” said the Elmira, N.Y., native. “We all use bridges and roads on a daily basis, and someone needs to make sure they are built and functioning correctly.”

Eventually, Paul wants to become professionally licensed so that he can approve large-scale projects, and possibly open his own engineering firm. For now, he’s focused on landing an internship with a local engineering firm or construction company.

“Right now I’m looking at different opportunities that will allow me to learn as much as possible and gain exposure,” said Paul. “I’m honestly just excited to see where the next step in my education will take me.”