Leah McCarthy

Promoting the Positive

If you know Leah McCarthy ’19, you’d probably be surprised to hear that she did not enjoy school as a kid. That is until she discovered fiction and developed a love for English in 11th grade.

“We changed curriculums and the new one included some really great books, and I absolutely fell in love with reading,” said Leah. “I started to appreciate the education I was getting and became very interested in English.”

Leah, who was homeschooled her entire childhood, had never been in a formal education setting. She decided to pursue college because she wanted to explore different opportunities and career paths. Leah enrolled at SUNY Corning Community College and majored in liberal arts and sciences.

“I really wanted to see what opportunities were available, and Corning seemed like the perfect place to start,” said the first generation college student. “I’ve been able to get involved in so many things, like The Crier, Student Government, and tutoring.”

The Crier, which is SUNY CCC’s student newspaper, gives students the opportunity to learn reporting and interviewing skills. Leah is the current Editor-In-Chief.

According to SUNY CCC Instructor of English Emma Draper-Reich, Leah is a natural leader and a passionate storyteller.

“It has been a pleasure to see Leah’s talents blossom through her work at SUNY CCC as the Editor-In-Chief of The Crier,” said Emma. “I know that Leah will excel in her studies at Fredonia. Look for her byline on articles and stories that broaden your perspective on the world around you.”

After graduation in May, Leah plans to attend SUNY Fredonia to major in communications and journalism.

“I’m very excited to get involved in the campus community and to write for the school newspaper,” said Leah. “I’m also looking forward to developing new relationships with the faculty at Fredonia.”

Eventually, Leah wants to work in a communications-related job at a community foundation she’s passionate about.

“I want to help promote something positive for a career,” said Leah. “I love writing and communications, and I think it would be very rewarding for me to use those skills to bring awareness to the organization or company I work for. It’s also important for me to have a purpose in everything I’m doing, and to know I’m helping somehow.”

Though she’s admittedly nervous, Leah is looking forward to moving away from home for the first time. She’s also looking forward to studying abroad at Fredonia.

“I’m very excited to be getting closer to having a job in the field I love,” said Leah. “I’m really looking forward to the next step in my journey and to meet new people.”