Eliott Houghtelling

Social Artistry

If you love school, why leave? That’s Eliott Houghtelling’s ’19 motto.

“I really like school, and the only way to stay in school forever is to become a teacher,” said Eliott. “I like working with artists who are motivated to learn and get better, and that’s why I want to work with students.”

By combining art and teaching, Eliott’s goal is to become an art professor who can help students develop their skills and see their potential – something SUNY Corning Community College does for all students.

“SUNY CCC has an excellent art department, where the faculty works closely with students to help them get better,” said Eliott. “We always have one-on-one opportunities with professors and that’s something you just don’t get at a larger university.”

According to SUNY CCC Art Professor David Higgins, Eliott is capable of being successful anywhere.

“In terms of skill, intellect, and imagination, Eliott would be a top-tier student at any program in the country,” said David. “My colleagues would agree that we are privileged to have students like Eliott.”

Eliott’s favorite style of art is social artistry, which is using art and creativity to address a social issue or need.

“I like having open discussions on popular social narratives, which have layers that are often overlooked,” said Eliott. “I think discussing these topics, one being politics, is very beneficial.”

After graduating from SUNY CCC, Eliott plans to transfer to a four-year school. The University at Buffalo tops the list.

“UB has a great program, and I really want to stay in the SUNY system,” said the Elmira, N.Y., native. “All of my classes will transfer and it’s the most cost-effective way to continue with school.’

While at UB, Eliott is looking forward to building a portfolio and developing a personal, unique style.

“I’m excited for new experiences and to meet new artists who enjoy creating the same things as I do,” said Eliott. “I want to learn as much as possible and continue to get better.”