Rhilea Chabot

Tough Skin

How many people can say they made their college decision just a few hours after setting foot on the campus? Rhilea Chabot ’21 can.

“I came for my official softball visit, and it instantly felt like home,” said Rhilea. “I made my decision that day, and I never looked anywhere else.”

For Rhilea, being a student athlete at SUNY Corning Community College has reinforced the importance of being dedicated in everything she does.

“Being on a college team is a lot of responsibility, and you have to be able to manage your time well,” said Rhilea. “If you want to play, you need to do well in the classroom, so it’s also helped me keep my grades up and stay focused.”

According to SUNY CCC Head Softball Coach, Stacy Johnson, Rhilea has thrived as a student and an athlete.

“Rhilea has morphed into a student leader on campus through her involvement in athletics, as an RA in Perry Hall, and by being accepted into the nursing program,” said Stacy. “Rhilea’s story is our story.”

Rhilea, who was recently accepted into the SUNY CCC nursing program, is looking forward to achieving the dream she’s had since elementary school.

“I’ve always wanted to be a nurse. My mom is paralyzed, so I grew up helping her,” said the Canastota, N.Y., native. “I can’t imagine growing up any other way, or wanting to be anything other than a nurse.”

After graduating from SUNY CCC, Rhilea plans to pursue her bachelor’s degree, and eventually her master’s degree. She wants to work in pediatric oncology – and to make Corning, N.Y. her permanent home.

“I love kids, and I want to be able to help them get better,” said Rhilea. “To be able to put smiles on their faces during such a difficult time would be very rewarding for me.”

Though Rhilea says compassion and determination are two of the most important qualities for nurses to have, there’s something else she thinks is necessary.

“You need to have tough skin in this field, especially in pediatric oncology. It’s not an easy thing to get up and do every day,” said Rhilea. “You have to really care and be willing to help all people.”

Rhilea is looking forward to getting started in the SUNY CCC nursing program, and becoming a student coach for the softball team.