Ariana Surguy-Bowers

Truth in Numbers

Ariana Surguy-Bowers ’19 grew up in the sleepy beach town of Swansboro, North Carolina. As a child, she spent most of her time outside and was interested in Entomology- the study of bugs. Though she no longer wants to work with bugs, Ariana’s love for science never wavered.

The end of her father’s military career brought Ariana to Pennsylvania after high school. Wanting to stay close to home, she enrolled at SUNY Corning Community College and majored in Liberal Arts Math and Science. During her time at SUNY CCC, Ariana fell in love with the idea of working in Public Health.

“I want to be a Biostatistician and create experimental designs for Public Health studies,” said Ariana. “It’s a good way to be able to help other people and I like the idea of scientific accuracy and rigor.”

For Ariana, the trend of inaccurate statistics is her motivation to pursue a career in Public Health.

“I feel like we are seeing a lot of dishonest statistics and it can be really harmful to society. Not only that, but it’s unethical,” said Ariana. “I want to be able to help fix those issues.”

Ariana credits the professors at SUNY CCC for the support she received during her two years as a student.

“I met a lot of helpful people during my time at SUNY CCC and the professors want to see you succeed,” she said.

Ariana also believes that starting out at a community college is the best decision she’s made for herself and her future.

“It wouldn’t have been a good idea for me to start at a four-year school because I was really shy,” said Ariana. “I needed that small classroom experience that SUNY CCC provides and some time to build my confidence so that I could thrive. I definitely got that here.”

After graduation in May Ariana plans to transfer to North Carolina State University, or the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to study statistics with a focus in Public Health.

“Ariana is a very motivated, hard worker, who always keeps working at the subject matter until she has it mastered,” said SUNY CCC Professor of Biology Dave Pindel. “Those traits are going to serve her very well as she moves forward.”

Ariana is looking forward to moving back to North Carolina to finish school.

“I’m excited to get back to North Carolina and join some undergraduate research teams once I transfer, said Ariana. “I’m just eager to start my career and to hopefully begin making a difference.”