Clubfest is a good opportunity to meet the different clubs in one place.

Clubs and Organizations

Are you looking for other people who share your interests? Join an on-campus club or organization!

Learning isn't just about classes and tests. It's also about developing new interests and delving deeper into existing ones. Whether you want to learn more about chess, write for the campus paper, or perform for your friends, you'll find a club on campus! If you don't find a club for you, start one!

If you are interested in joining a club or organization or starting a new club, contact:

Student Life, First Level, Commons building, M206
Student Association, Lower Level, Commons building, M103

To start (or restart) a club, there are 3 simple steps:

  1. Find at least 3 members that share your interest in being part of your club.
  2. Talk with any CCC faculty or staff that is interested in being an Adviser to your club.
  3. Register your club with your club's mission statement and officer & Adviser names.

All clubs and organizations are required to follow specific procedures set forth by the Student Association. Those procedures are available in our "How To" Book. Club and Organization Executive Board Officers are required to attend a "How To" Session and a training on Sexual Violence to become active clubs.

List of Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and organizations reflect the interests of our diverse student population and offer a wide variety of opportunities. Here is a list of recently active clubs and organizations:

Activities Programming Committee - Elmira Center

This is a central organization at CCC for the promotion and coordination of campus-wide social, cultural, and recreational activities such as: CORNfest, SPRINGfest, APC Presents Lecture Series, Coffeehouse Series, etc.
Adviser: Alan Yeck

American Sign Language Club

This club celebrates, advocates, educates, and shares deaf culture and ASL with the CCC community.
Adviser: Sin-Yi Ko, 607-962-9125

Chess Club

The chess club is for anyone that want to play, learn to play, or get better at playing chess. The club may be playing other versions of chess or competing with each other and others interested.
Adviser: Kamesh Narasimhan, 607-962-9240

Christian Club

This club promotes studying the Bible, encouraging others, and deepening our faith in Jesus Christ. Like our Facebook page: Corning Christian Club.
Adviser: Patsy Drake, 607-962-9226

CRIER (Newspaper)

To report news of concern to the general student body. To give interested students practical journalism experience. To provide an independent avenue for students to express their opinions.
Advisers: Christine Atkins, 607-962-9310; Erin Wilburn, 607-962-9253

Environmental Protection Information Coalition (EPIC)

This organization educates the student body and our communities concerning sustainability and the role of humans in environmental issues. It promotes individual actions that are environmentally sound.
Advisers: Donna Powers, 607-962-9375

Future Educators Association

This organization promotes further knowledge and experience in the education field.
Advisers: Julie Dick, 607-962-9365; Susan Hoobler, 607-962-9553

Gaming Guild

This organization provides a learning and playing environment for the rapidly growing subculture of Euro gamers and strategy gamers. Members meet and share their gaming experience with people who have similar interests. Members have an opportunity to discuss board strategy and develop critical thinking skills.
Adviser: Joe DeLeone, 607-962-9265; DJ Dates, 607-962-9303

History Club

This club provides a consistent outlet for those interested in dialoguing and networking historical issues. It creates community networks in an effort to celebrate local history and its importance for the future of the region. It is an active campus entity that attempts to collect, catalogue, and preserve CCC history.
Advisers: Sky Moss, 607-962-9523

International and Foreign Language Club

This club provides a forum for all persons interested in cross-cultural awareness and exchange, and promotes the study of foreign languages.
Advisers: Sandy Turner-Vicioso, 607-962-9312; Michael Beykirch, 607-962-9522

Literary Society

This club enables students interested in original creative writing to meet on a regular basis in order to share their writing, to enhance opportunities for publications, and to, on occasion, invite professional writers to campus for readings and discussions.
Adviser: Marie Hannon-Mandel, 607-962-9382; Charles Hollenbeck, 962-9399

Muse of Fire (drama club)

This provides a theatrical group of college students with opportunities to promote live theatre productions that are open to the community.
Adviser: Mary Guzzy, 607-962-9311, Anna-beth Wheaton

My Brother's and Sister's Keeper

This purpose of this club is to improve the representation of men and women of minorities at all levels of CCC. To integrate people within the college to reach a communal understanding of diversity through a shared knowledge and resources brought to us by participating club members and faculty members. It's a club for cultural enrichment.
Adviser: Jeremiah Haynes, 607-962-9233.

Nursing Society

This organization provides a social support group for nursing majors. It provides community service, and free educational activities and entertainment to the entire student body.
Advisers: Lola Hardy, 607-962-9216

Perry Hall Government

To provide an open forum for students to voice their opinion for the betterment of Perry Hall and CCC, and to provide safe dun and friendly fun for the students of Corning Community College.
Advisers: Ryan Ritter, 607-962-9135


Storytelling of CCC students: a Fresh Perspective for and about the Tri-County communities and beyond.
Advisers: Karen Poole, 607-962-9351

Philosophy of Pink Floyd

To closely examine and appreciate the art, lyrics, and sounds from the greatest band of all time, Pink Floyd.
Advisers: Jennifer Sellers, 607-962-9479

Psychology/Sociology Club

This club takes learning beyond the classroom, discusses current studies, reads articles and research pertinent to psychology and sociology related issues in an informal environment conducive to the growth of an individual while fostering interpersonal skills as a group.
Advisers: Tyson Abbott, 607-962-9270; Lee Gernert-Larrea, 607-962-9544

Science Club

This club focuses on supplementing education to students who have an interest in the sciences. Events include career speakers, computational analysis of local flora and fauna, maintenance of the carnivorous plant collection, and many others. We represent several different fields of science such as biology, engineering, food science, environmental science, ecology, and more.
Adviser: Dr. Robert Koble; 607-962-9544

Tech Guild

This organization stimulates interest in computers and technology as an occupational goal, and exemplifies to its members the importance of technology in today's world. It furthers knowledge and increases its members' abilities in using and harnessing technology in today's job market. It also organizes informative trips and guest speakers from local industries to better understand general technology and computer practices.
Adviser: Dale Crandall, 607-962-9214

Veteran's Association

This organization connects veterans with not only other veterans but fellow students who support them. Bridging the gap between military life and student life at CCC while easing the transition into a successful academic future. Working to not only inform veterans of their benefits and rights but also promote campus-wide fellowship among veterans and non-veterans. NOTE: All veterans, whether members of this student club or not, have access to a veterans office space in the lower level of the Commons building, M128.
Adviser: Kathleen Craig, 607-962-9215

WAS (Wider Arts Society)

This club holds open-mic events where any student may express their creative talent.
Adviser: Marie Hannan-Mandel, 607-962-9372

WCEB (Radio Station)

This organization gives students on-air broadcasting experience. It enables its members to develop communication and interpersonal skills.
Advisers: Dave Higgins, 607-962-9297