Receive Disability Services

If you want to receive disability services, complete the following steps:

1. Contact us.

In order to receive services, you are responsible for self-identifying as a student with a disability. Once you contact us, you will be given an appointment with the Coordinator. To help you prepare for your intake appointment, we've prepared this Preparing for Intake form.

2. Gather documentation of your disability.

You are responsible for presenting appropriate documentation of your disability that shows a limitation of a major life activity. The documentation needed varies depending on the disability. In general, you need recent documentation from an appropriate professional (usually the one who diagnosed and/or is treating your disability) that includes (from AHEAD's Best Practice):

  1. The credentials of the evaluator
  2. A diagnostic statement identifying the disability
  3. An explanation of how the disability was diagnosed, including relevant evaluation results
  4. A description of the functional limitations of the disability
  5. A description of the expected stability or progression of the disability
  6. A description of current and previous accommodations and/or services
  7. A recommendation for accommodations and services

For specific guidelines, please see the Disability Documentation pages. If you do not have documentation or are unsure if the documentation you have will be acceptable, please contact us.

3. Meet with the Coordinator and complete an intake interview.

At this meeting, you will complete this registration form (PDF). Please come ready to discuss your disability, how it is affecting you, what services and accommodations you've used in an academic setting previously (if any), and what services and accommodations you will need at Corning Community College. Please submit your documentation prior to the meeting or bring it to this meeting. If you don't have appropriate documentation, we can still meet. However, this will delay the accommodation process.

4. We will follow up with you.

The Coordinator will determine what accommodations you are eligible for within one week of you completing the intake interview and submitting appropriate documentation. The most important step in this process is to contact us! We will assist you with the registration and documentation process.

More Information

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions and Transitioning from High School to College pages for more information. We are here to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us.

Voter Registration

Student Disability Services is a National Voter Registration Site. For more information, please contact us. For general election information for New York residents, please visit