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Summer II. Classes Begin July 6, 2021

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ARTS 1320 Art History: Renaissance - Modern
ARTS 1320 History/Appreciation of Art II
BIOL 1050 Introduction to Human Biology
BIOL 1220 Prin Anatomy & Physiology II
BIOL 1222 Principles of A & P II Lecture
BIOL 2010 Microbiology
BUSN 1055 Professionalism
CHEM 1020 Intro. to Organic & Biochemistry
CHEM 1520 General Chemistry II
CHEM 1522 General Chemistry II - lecture
ENGL 1010 College Composition I
ENGL 1020 College Composition II
GOVT 1020 State and Local Government
HIST 1020 History West Civilization II
HIST 1110 American History I
HIST 1120 American History II
HIST 2320 The Civil War
HUSR 1040 Human Services II
MATH 1005 Math for Nursing I
MATH 1310 Elementary Statistics
MATH 1620 Calculus II
MGMT 2041 Principles of Management
MKTG 2050 Principles of Marketing
PHYS 1820 Physics I
SPAN 1020 Elem Spanish Conver Struct II
SPCH 1080 Public Speaking
THEA 2030 Audition Preparation

live and learn at suny ccc. live in perry hall.

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Note: All on-campus students are encouraged to have COVID-19 vaccinations,
as it may be required starting Fall 2021 semester, pending SUNY requirements.

Fall 2021 Semester Begins August 16, 2021