WorkKeys® Assessment Services

WorkKeys® is a workplace skills assessment system developed by ACT®. It is designed to measure the skills that employers have identified as crucial to succeed in today’s work environment.

These skills include the ability to:

  • Learn
  • Communicate
  • Listen
  • Be creative
  • Work in teams
  • Take initiative
  • Resolve problems

CCC’s Academic and Workforce Development Center is a licensed WorkKeys Provider. It utilizes WorkKeys® as a tool to define, measure, and communicate foundational workplace skills to its educators, students, employers, and economic developers.

WorkKeys Assessments have helped millions of people in high schools, colleges, businesses, and government agencies build their skills to increase global competitiveness and develop successful career pathways.

  • Career Seekers and Students can assess whether they have the skills necessary for certain jobs, and identify areas that need improvement
  • Educators can assess whether students are gaining the skills necessary for success and adjust instructional programs accordingly
  • Employers can assess the skill levels of applicants and incumbents, and identify and develop training programs

WorkKeys is built around a set of assessments that accurately measure workplace skills and competencies. Each test is constructed with a number of levels, and each successive level is more complex than the previous. Assessments measure workplace abilities in the following areas:

  • Communication: Business Writing, Listening, Reading for Information, Writing
  • Problem Solving: Applied Mathematics, Applied Technology, Locating Information, Observation
  • Soft Skills: Work Discipline, Teamwork, Customer Service397

For more information on WorkKeys®, please contact us at or 607-936-7397