Gregg Caruso: a Philosophical Passion


Gregg Caruso has been teaching for over twenty years, after discovering his passion for philosophy as a graduate student at Brooklyn College. Now, a trained philosopher, published author of over six books and numerous journal articles, he continues to inspire his students to think outside the box.

“It is not my job to tell [my students] what to think, rather it is to get [them] to think,” he says.

When asked why philosophy is so important, his answer is simple: Dr. Caruso believes that education and critical thinking skills often involved in philosophy are beneficial, every day skills. “This is why [I] wake up every morning with one goal in mind; to facilitate learning and provide students with the tools necessary,” he says.

Recently, Dr. Caruso was featured in “New Philosopher Magazine”, which is widely distributed within the United States, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

In addition, he will publish two new books in early 2021. The first is a 600+ page book titled Rejecting Retributivism: Free Will, Punishment, and Criminal Justice, which he wrote while on a recent Sabbatical to Scotland. The second he describes as a “debate book” he co-wrote with Daniel C. Dennet--whom Dr. Caruso describes as one of the greatest living philosophers—titled Just Deserts: Debating Free Will.

And as if he is not busy enough already, he’s just signed two new book contracts with Cambridge University Press, while publishing over ten journal articles over the past year.

But it’s teaching, he says, that falls most important.

“Teaching energizes me,” Dr. Caruso says. “In fact, teaching is the most rewards aspect of my professional career.”