The Arthur A. Houghton, Jr. Library—RE-IMAGINED

The purpose of the Corning Community College Arthur A. Houghton, Jr. Library Project is to provide a centralized Learning Commons environment for both tutored and non‐tutored study. It will be an academic gathering place that will foster a sense of community for the students, faculty, staff, and community visitors. It will be a place where students can spend the entire day preparing with tutors, getting help with research or technology questions, studying alone, or working in groups. The Arthur A. Houghton, Jr. Library project includes a reconfiguration of the existing library and an expansion of learning spaces to create a centralized hub for higher learning and support.

The Arthur A. Houghton, Jr. Library project will enable Corning Community College to provide academic support services in a central location (individual learning centers are currently dispersed throughout the campus). The program will enable the Arthur A. Houghton, Jr. Library to change from a “traditional” community college library into a centralized and dynamic space with areas for collaboration, group study, tutoring, mentoring, IT help, access and reference services, teaching, and faculty professional development.

On the upper floor of the library, spaces will be available for students and faculty to meet in the café and/or gather in groups to collaborate on a project or share a cup of coffee. The program space will be available for a wide range of educational programs. The Learning Commons will provide space and technology for academic professionals and student tutors to offer tutoring support. At the central desk, library staff will be available to help locate a print or a digital resource. Reserve collections, loanable equipment and 3‐D educational models will be available for students to use within the library.

The lower level will offer collaborative, quiet and silent environments to support student success. It will hold 3,100 linear feet of general collection in compact storage, improving the utilization of collection spaces. The archive storage space and rare book viewing room will be designed to enhance access to unique resources located in the Arthur A. Houghton, Jr. Library.

As libraries can function as connectors to their community, this project will create a connector within the library; a link with social spaces as well as service points joining the more active tutored and collaborative spaces with the quiet and non‐tutored spaces within the library.