Francis LaLomia speaking

Student Association

SA is a fun and exciting open forum for new suggestions to improve student life on campus.

The Student Association Government Assembly (SAGA) is composed of the Student Executive Board, Student Senate, Student House of Representatives, and campus clubs and organizations.

SAGA, also referred to as the Student Association (SA), supports all campus-wide activities sponsored by the Student Activities Fund. It controls the Student Activities Fund and disperses money from this fund to student groups. SAGA is also responsible for administering the Student Activities Budget. Revenue for this budget is generated by the Student Activity Fee. All students will be charged a Student Activity Fee of $5.00 per credit hour, up to a maximum of 12 credit hours.

SA also fosters co-curricular activities whose goal is to promote the personal development of students. SA provides for the wants, needs, and desires of students as demonstrated under the financial policies of the Student Association Constitution. It also ensures students of CCC have access to all of the functions and affairs of the College. 

Student Association members: 

  • Organize community service projects 
  • Serve on various college committees 
  • Participate in Leadership programs 

SA positions are filled through campus-wide student elections. The Student Association Constitution and By-Laws govern the business conducted by the Student Executive Board and all clubs and organizations. Each club and organization is required to follow their individual constitutions, the SA Constitution, and the procedures outlined in the "How To" Book. All of these documents may be obtained in the Student Life Office, Commons Building, M206.