Senior Staff


man in gray jacket and orange shirt. David Burdick headshot woman in a white shirt, black and gold jacket
Babatunde Ayanfodun
Center for DEI Director/Chief Diversity Officer
David Burdick
Executive Director of Auxiliary Campus Services
Dawn Marie Castellana
Executive Director, Workforce Education and Academic Pathways 
woman in white turtleneck sweater woman in a red jacket Dr. Robert Koble
Maarit Clay
Vice President of Student Development and Enrollment Management
Nogaye Ka-Tandia
Executive Office Manager
Dr. Robert Koble
Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs
man in gray jacket, blue shirt, and tie. Lisa Patrick woman smiling with pink, white, and black striped sweater 
John Marchese
Executive Director, Development Foundation
Lisa Patrick
Executive Director of Finance/CFO
Stacy Ward
Executive Director of Human Resources