Educational Opportunity Program

Apply For EOP at CCC

EOP is now accepting applications for Fall '24 from first-time, full-time freshmen, CCC readmits (prior to 2022) and eligible transfer students.

Burst  Fall '24 deadline: 06/30/24

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at SUNY Corning Community College helps to make higher education possible for students who demonstrate academic promise, but whose life circumstances have not permitted them to reach their full potential academically.

EOP at SUNY CCC helps you identify your strengths, meet the challenges of college, and be successful as a college student. EOP is designed to help break down the barriers to higher education and teach you to advocate for yourself and build community.

EOP Application Process

    1. Apply to CCC
    2. Complete the FAFSA and Tap Applications for BOTH 2023-24 and 2024-25
      • Applicants are encouraged to use the IRS Retrieval process when completing the FAFSA application for Pell and TAP and request a Tax Transcript from the IRS for students and parents at that time. Request a Tax Transcript here
    3. Apply for EOP academic verification here
    4. Have your high school and/or college transcripts sent to
    5. Complete part 2 of the verification process, financial verification
      1. Fill out the 2024 EOP Financial Form using your 2022 tax form
      2. Upload all supporting documents here including but not limited to 2022 tax forms
    6. Once verified for both financial and academic eligibility, you will receive a letter inviting you to join us for the EOP Pre-freshmen Program. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Meet the New York State residency requirement (12 months)fknegrhq
  • Be a first semester, college freshman or qualifying transfer student
  • Have earned a High School Diploma or GED
  • Attained a high school average in the range of 70-85% or 1.7 GPA
  • Meet SUNY EOP Economic Eligibility Guidelines 
  • Demonstrate potential and motivation to complete a college program
  • Participate in and successfully complete the EOP Pre-freshmen Program; offered in Winter '23 and Summer '24.  

Program Services Provided                                                           

  • EOP Pre-freshman Summer Program                       jbSJ
  • EOP Academic and Career Counseling
  • EOP Peer Coach and Tutors
  • Skillbuilding Workshops
  • EOP Social Gatherings and Safe Space
  • Up to $3000 in Additional Financial Resources 



Questions? Sign up for a SUNY EOP Information Session, email us at or call 607-962-9393.


What Our Students Have to Say about EOP at CCC


EOP Pre-freshman Program

A comprehensive, EOP Pre-Freshman Program for our incoming, first-year, EOP students will be held on-campus each July. All incoming first-year EOP students are required to attend and participate. Programming will include Math for College and Writing for College, daily skill building workshops and travel to community enrichment activities. EOP candidates have the option to move in to Perry Hall early or temporarily with required documentation. All coursework, meals, supplies and transportation assistance options are provided free of charge. Students must successfully complete the summer program for acceptance into EOP. This years' Program will be held in January (for Spring '23) and July (Fall 2024).


Questions? Sign up for a SUNY EOP Information Session, email us at or call 607-962-9393.
EOP Gives Back!
The EOP at CCC is all about support; Supporting each other, supporting ourselves and supporting the community. EOP's first endeavor was a residential tear-out for the Steuben County Habitat for Humanity. Our EOP family spent the day preparing a local home for a new make-over. We ripped out old molding, flooring and wallpaper. The home will be remodeled and updated to give a family in our area a "durable place to live in dignity and safety." 
We were back at it, the summer of 2023, when we rejoined Habitat for Humanity by offering "A Brush with Kindness" event to help low-income homeowners in our area, who struggle to maintain the exterior of their homes, to reclaim their home's beauty through porch painting and yard clean-up. Additionally, students worked on the salvage of items and furniture at the local Restore following an unfortunate fire in July.       


Questions? Sign up for a SUNY EOP Information Session, email us at or call 607-962-9393.


Meet the EOP Staff

Hi! I'm John Forde (he/him), the EOP Counselor here at CCC. My career in Social Work began in high school volunteering with thejohn Special  Olympics and local homeless shelter kitchens. I have worked professionally with populations including the intellectually and developmentally disabled residing in  group homes, provided legal advocacy and support to foster care teens aging out of program, and provided housing and human services to Veterans experiencing homelessness.

I was active in starting up the Community Health Worker program at Catholic Charities in Buffalo, NY.  This program supported clients referred by local hospitals for individuals who use the emergency room as primary care.  Intensive case management was determined to be needed for clients diagnosed to have comorbidities of schizophrenia or bi-polar and heart disease and diabetes.  The program was determined to be beneficial in reducing visits to the emergency room for clients involved. 

Most recently, I provided intensive case management to Veterans in the Libertad Elmira Veteran and Family Program. This startup found housing for homeless Veterans and provided supports including transportation to medical appointments, counseling, support groups, outings, and linkages to supported housing and health care.

This is my first year as the EOP Counselor, and I love the connections that I make with our EOP students on a daily basis. My office is housed in the EOP Den where students come to receive EOP services, motivation, and to just hang-out. I provide academic and career advisement through bi-weekly sessions with EOP students as well as social and emotional consultation on an as needed basis. When not in sessions, there is nothing I like better than chatting with our students over an intense game of Backgammon in the EOP Den.

2023 Norman R. McConney, Jr. Award Recipient
Joshua Goodwin
Joshua GoodwinOur own Joshua Goodwin, sophomore and EOP student at CCC, was recently awarded the prestigious Norman R. McConney Award for Educational Opportunity Student Excellence. The honor was presented by SUNY Chancellor, John B. King, Jr., J.D., Ed.D. and is awarded to Educational Opportunity Program students for their academic achievements in honor of Norman R. McConney, Jr. for his legacy of public service. McConney initiated several statewide initiatives aimed to benefit  underrepresented New Yorkers. Not only was Joshua a recipient of the award, he was invited to be the student speaker for the event, a true honor. 
Joshua seeks to build a career that is focused on developing policies and programs that reduce poverty, bring equity to diverse communities and make this world a better place for his mother and younger siblings. Joshua has distinguished himself academically by being named to the Dean’s List. He has taken on several leadership positions on campus. He serves as the president of the Student Association Government Assembly (SAGA), editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper, plays point-guard for Corning’s Red Barons basketball team and works as a resident assistant. In nominating Joshua for the Norman R. McConney, Jr. Award for Educational Opportunity Program Student Excellence, his EOP director described him as “a generous, hard-working and dedicated student leader. He is well-known around campus to be the ‘go-to’ person for questions and campus events.”

Hear about Josh's experience with EOP at CCC on TikTok and his new gig at SUNY Brockport, where he is a SUNY EOP Ambassador. According to Josh, "One thing I notice (as an EOP ambassador) is there is no EOP program like the one CCC offers when it comes to communication and events."

Read even more about Josh and EOP via BingUNews where Josh was recently featured in an article entitled, The Educational Opportunity Program Provides Students with a path to success. 


EOP 2023 Cohort

EOP 2022 Cohort
Questions? Join us for a SUNY EOP Information Session, email or call 607-962-9393