Parents and Guardians

As your CCC student takes on adult responsibilities, your role changes, but your student still needs you. Your CCC student needs you to support their growth, development, and independence. Sometimes, they may even ask your advice — and may even follow it! Navigating this challenging time can be difficult, rewarding, scary, and even fun for you and your student. Here are some resources to help you make your student's experience at SUNY CCC a success and a rewarding time.

At SUNY CCC, we strive to provide your student with everything they need to succeed, be well, and enjoy their time on campus. This is an exciting time for them — and for you — as we welcome all parents, guardians, friends and family into the SUNY CCC community. Come join us!

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Top 5 reasons why your student should attend SUNY CCC

1. Programs needed to succeed

2. Caring faculty and staff

3. Academic support and applied learning opportunities

4. Affordable

5. Convenient

How to support your student at SUNY CCC

1. Know that students are expected to spend 2x the amount of time in class on out-of-class assignments (reading, researching, projects, essays).

2. Time management is one of the most challenging aspects of the transition from high school to college.

3. Students are expected to keep up with College information.

4. The student will need to regularly check their College email to keep up on information and process deadlines. 

5. The student will need to regularly check the Learning Management System (Blackboard) for College and course information. 

FERPA: Can the College share information about the student’s educational record with a parent?