Success After SUNY CCC

SUNY CCC alumni make a difference in every profession and every industry. They are leaders in classrooms and operating rooms, on construction sites and in design studios. If you know someone whose story should be told, please let us know. If you'd like us to tell your story, please give us a call or email us! In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the following stories. 

Samantha Orr

Samantha Olson ’15
In 2010 Samantha Olson ’15 was in Giza visiting the pyramids. As she rode through the city in an air-conditioned tour bus, she noticed a canal running alongside of her. Samantha’s eyes were drawn to a group of young children stripped from their clothes and playing in the filthy canal water for refuge from the intense heat. It was her first time witnessing true poverty and suffering.


Vince Mizzoni
Vince Mizzoni '13

Vince Mizzoni ’13 is a Graphic Designer for Corelle Brands in Corning, N.Y. Target is currently selling his gingerbread village and peppermints Christmas designs on Pyrex storage containers. 


Renee S

Renee Staffeld ’14
Renee Staffeld ’14 is working towards a career in Shelter Medicine at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. She wants to give people the opportunity to own a pet despite financial circumstances. 


Kenny T
Kenny Taylor ’13
At just 25 years old, SUNY CCC graduate Kenny Taylor ’13 is a member of the largest police department in the country: the NYPD. This position allows Kenny to fulfill his childhood dream of protecting his hometown community: he grew up in the Bronx.


Susan Freitas
Susan Freitas ̛ 14
At just 22 years old, SUNY CCC graduate Susan Freitas ̛ 14 has landed her dream job: she is a junior designer in Manhattan at Revman International. Her path to the city and a profession that allows her to push the creative boundaries of fashion began when she was junior in high school and enrolled in the Accelerated Senior Year program at SUNY CCC.


Amy Spallone

Amy Spallone, M.D. ’08
Eight years of college (That started at SUNY CCC). Six years of post-graduate training. Thousands of hours spent studying. Cutting-edge research projects. Amy Spallone, M.D. ’08 has achieved her childhood dream of becoming a doctor. She is currently completing her postdoctoral training at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.


Roeshawn Daniels

Roeshawn Daniels ’16
Roeshawn Daniels ’16 loves being a Chemical Technician at Corning Incorporated. To Roeshawn, her job is a giant game of I-Spy. The answers are hidden all around her and it’s her job to find them. The Corning, N.Y. native works in the SECTR [Surface Energetics, Chromatography, Thermal Analysis and Rheology] Lab and analyzes the samples that come in for Thermal Analysis, Surface Tension and Contact Angle. 


Casey Hale ’17
When Casey Hale ’17 was eight years old, the SUNY Corning Community College Spencer Crest Nature and Research Center introduced her to different insects. A decade later, Spencer Crest helped solidify her love for bugs and her future career.



Kelly Ormsby '13
Mountain-man glamour. That’s how Kelly Ormsby '13 describes the jewelry she makes for her business, Turquoise Terrapin. Her inspiration, and overall theme for her business stems from a backpacking trip she took with Associate Professor David Rockwell '95 during her freshman year at SUNY Corning Community College.



Zach Dunbar ’13
Zach Dunbar ’13 is a fourth-year Ph.D. student in the Cancer Sciences Ph.D. program at the University at Buffalo. The Cancer Sciences Program is a hands-on partnership with Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. Zach’s subfield is cancer prevention. His research is based on tobacco control, specifically the use of e-cigarettes. According to Zach, e-cigarettes are the most controversial tobacco product to enter the market in the past decade.


Renee Wheeler

Renée Wheeler ’05
Growing up, Renée Wheeler ’05 wanted to be an entrepreneur. She loved the idea of success being a direct result of her own work ethic – a mindset she applies to her career today. “Even as a kid I liked the idea of getting a job where my success depended on how hard I worked,” said Renée. “I’ve always been a motivated person and it was exciting to think that I could achieve my goals if I maintained a certain level of commitment.”



Dr. Teresa Danforth ‘01
SUNY Corning Community College alumna Dr. Teresa Danforth ‘01 is working to get more women in the healthcare industry and improve the patient experience. For Teresa, those two things go hand-in-hand. The Corning, N.Y. native is a practicing physician in Buffalo for UBMD Urology, primarily based at Buffalo General Medical Center. Her focus is female urology, where she takes care of patients with female urinary issues, those who have suffered strokes, have spinal cord injuries, and have Multiple Sclerosis.



cindy pierce

Cindy Pierce ’86
Not many people sit at their kitchen tables until 11:00 p.m. grading papers and worrying about kids that aren’t biologically theirs. But teachers do. Cindy Pierce ’86 loves being a seventh and eighth grade teacher at Livonia Middle School because she has the opportunity to help her students every day – not just with their math skills, but with their personal lives.


Kristen M

Kristen Morse ’08
When does someone begin to truly appreciate the learning process? For Kristen Morse ’08, it started when she was a freshman at SUNY Corning Community College – a place she now considers home. “I was an average student in high school and I really didn’t appreciate learning until I came to SUNY CCC,” said Kristen. “Once I got here, I excelled. I made the Dean’s List and had over a 3.6 GPA.”



Travis Winters ’06
Travis Winters ’06 invites artists from around the country to teach workshops at the Touchstone Center for Crafts- a residential craft school located in the Laurel Highlands area of Pennsylvania. He recently invited Kensuke Yamada, an artist from Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan. Kensuke moved to the United States as a foreign exchange student and received his Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Montana. Kensuke is a resident artist at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia, Pa. His sculptures are known for their exaggerated facial expressions. Travis continues to find inspiration for his own art through the artists he invites to Touchstone.



shawn murrey
Shawn Murrey ’02
As the Senior Kiln Specialist at the #1 ranked ceramics school in the country, Shawn Murrey ’02, uses his talents to teach the ceramic process to his students. He serves as a Technical Specialist and an Adjunct Professor at Alfred University – one of his alma maters and the school he fell in love with on a field trip over 16 years ago.



Anthony Lyon
Cornelius “Pepsi” Lyon ‘64
Cornelius “Pepsi” Lyon ‘64 knows what it’s like to bridge the gap between wanting an education, and pursuing an education. After high school, he joined the United States Air Force and began a 1-year deployment in South Korea. While serving in South Korea, and later at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota, Cornelius realized he wanted to improve his reading skills when he returned home to Elmira, N.Y. He vowed that he would attend college one day, which led Cornelius to the newly established classrooms of Corning Community College.




LaMonte Orr ’18
LaMonte Orr ’18 never imagined chemistry could be fun … and then he accepted a position at Corning Incorporated. Today, he loves chemistry. LaMonte is a Process/Lab Technician at Corning Incorporated and a part-time Adjunct Instructor at SUNY Corning Community College. He works in Corning’s Diesel Facility where his role consists of experimental design, statistical analysis and reporting of experimental results, and material characterization.



August Troccia '15
When August Troccia sat in Anatomy and Physiology as an aspiring pharmacist at St. John Fisher, he felt confident and prepared. Moreso, he suspects, than many of his classmates who started at colleges other than SUNY Corning Community College.



erik d

Erik Dobell ‘05
It only took an hour after watching a magician perform a card trick for Erik Dobell ‘05 to learn a trick of his own. He doesn’t remember the exact card trick, but he does remember who exposed his technique, which only made him want to get better. “After I mastered my first trick I began performing small magic tricks at bars in Ithaca, N.Y., and for my very patient friends,” said Erik. “My passion for magic hit me quick and hard.”



Brandi Smith-Moffe ’02
Brandi Smith-Moffe ’02 is the 2018 SUNY CCC Faculty Art Show guest alumna. Brandi grew up in Elmira, N.Y., and attended Elmira Free Academy. Unsure of the career path she wanted to take after high school, Brandi chose SUNY CCC for the affordability and convenience. Though she had always loved art she never viewed it as a career, rather a hobby. She majored in Liberal Arts, but soon found herself inspired by Professor Dave Higgins’ art classes.



Joan Dugan Wilson
Joan Dugan Wilson did not plan on attending college. Probably marriage. Definitely work. As the saying goes, though … the best laid plans of mice and (wo)men often go awry. After a short stint working at Corning Community College, a counselor convinced her to enroll. “I graduated with honors,” said Joan. “That degree changed my life.”



Dr. David G. Gardner ’67 
Dr. David G. Gardner ’67 has earned the 2017 Distinguished Alumni Award, recognizing the many accomplishments he’s made to his profession.  David is the Mount Zion Health Fund Distinguished Professor of Medicine and Endocrinology and Chief of the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism at the University of California at San Francisco. He serves as a mentor to post-doctoral fellows, junior faculty, research trainees, and is the mentoring facilitator for the division. David has published approximately 200 scientific articles, book chapters, and reviews and has co-edited five editions of the most widely used textbook in the study of endocrinology.


Jeff '87 and Darrin King '92
It’s not easy being an entrepreneur. Sure, you don’t have a boss, but that means you have to be the boss. You have to be responsible … for everything.  No task is too small or not worth your time. Initially you put in long hours, often with little financial reward, and you learn quickly the importance of customer service, or your reputation – and sales – will ultimately suffer. On the bright side, being an entrepreneur also means your values can influence the marketplace.




Patricia (Patty) M. (O’Heron) Cordes ’74
The Ann Marie Rossi ’76 award was established to recognize an employee who has shown commitment to CCC. Patricia (Patty) M. (O’Heron) Cordes ’74 has lived and breathed Corning Community College for 42 years. Patty began her tenure with CCC as a work study student. When she transferred to Elmira College to complete her Bachelor’s degree, she continued to work on an hourly basis at CCC. Her full-time responsibilities evolved over the years, beginning with her service as the Accounts Payable Clerk and ending with her recent retirement as the Bursar. Patty’s love for students kept her on campus all hours of the day and night. She cherished the one-on-one meetings with students and parents and the opportunity to find financial resources for them.



Dr. Holly M. (Preston) Young
Originally from the Corning area, Dr. Holly M. (Preston) Young earned an Associate’s degree in Math and Science from CCC in 1998 before pursuing a Marine Biology degree at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNCW). Upon earning her Bachelor’s from UNCW, she was awarded an internship at the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) facility in Beaufort, NC. 




Roger Madigan
Roger Madigan believed he was walking into a “super high school” when he enrolled at Corning Community College in the mid-1960s. It took only a few weeks for that myth to be shattered. “The faculty were – and I assume still are – tough,” said Roger. “In a few weeks, we knew we had a job to do and we would be held accountable.”



Melissa A. (Dewey) Brumback
SUNY Corning Community College has a long tradition of launching some of tomorrow’s greatest minds. Eileen Collins ’76 went on to become a United States Air Force pilot and a NASA astronaut, logging more than 6,500 hours in 30 different types of aircrafts and making four trips into space. Melissa A. (Dewey) Brumback was honored an award in the name of Eileen Collins, the Eileen M. Collins ’76 Professional Achievement Award, to honor her impressive professional achievements as a 2017 pioneering female alumna. 


nancy w
Nancy Williamson
Nancy Williamson exudes energy. You are just as likely to find her under the dining room table playing the Big Bad Wolf with her grandsons as you are to catch her driving a check to a ServU Credit Union member’s home during a snowstorm because, as Nancy explained, “He needed it, and I had it.”


Lori J. (Swift) Brockway
Lori J. (Swift) Brockway has been one to watch for years. While in high school, she studied for a year in Mexico as a Rotary Exchange Student. In 2004, she joined the Navy where she completed a tour in the Persian Gulf (Operation Iraqi Freedom) as an Information System Technician in Network Security. She was awarded Sailor of the Quarter and Sailor of the Year honors. 


matt c
Matt Cooper
Matt Cooper didn’t plan on going to college after high school like some of his friends. Instead, he taught himself a variety of technical skills and used that knowledge to establish a small web-development business. The business was going well, until the economic downfall of 2008.


emily d
Emily Doppel ’15
Emily Doppel ’15 knows what it’s like to be pulled in multiple directions. In high school, she worked a series of part-time jobs and went to school. Although she graduated from high school with excellent grades and in the top 10 percent of her class, she wanted to focus completely on academics in college.