Amanda Lee-Copp '15 - Serving the Underserved

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Amanda grew up in the area, a student of Elmira City Schools until a districting change during her third-grade year required her to transfer to Corning Schools. Eventually, she would end up at Horseheads where she graduated from high school.

Both of her parents are alumni of Corning Community College, so when it was time to consider where she would pursue higher education, the decision to go to CCC was an easy one. CCC was close to home, she had several friends from high school attending, and the price was right.

The CCC campus was not just where she got her education though, it is also where she met her husband, Tyler. She would pass her husband regularly in the halls of the Chemung building, where he and his friends would hang out near the hallway leading to the Atrium Gallery. After an unsuccessful date with one of Tyler’s friends, Tyler reached out. They went on a date that went a little better than the aforementioned one.

After graduating from Corning Community College with her Associates in Humanities and Social Sciences, Amanda went on to complete her bachelors at Mansfield University in Counseling Psychology. She interned with the Sexual Assault Resource Center and would eventually work for Planned Parenthood providing pregnancy and STD prevention education to area 

schools. She often worked with Kim Stanton and Safezones LGBTQ+ youth group doing programming as well. After a merger of local Planned Parenthood branches and COVID burn out, Amanda took a break.

During this time Amanda worked at a bakery, held an office job for Martinec Building & Remodeling, and even returned to CCC to study nursing. A life changing job at Arnot Health’s Behavioral Science Unit transformed her career trajectory. An opportunity to work with teens and young adults opened at CCC through our Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). Amanda had acquired a love of mentoring and shaping young minds through her work with Planned Parenthood and was excited to return to her passion.

As a counselor for EOP, Amanda helps students navigate the higher education system at Corning Community College. EOP works with incoming freshman who show academic promise but whose life circumstances present obstacles to acquiring a degree. EOP offers supplemental financial assistance, academic and career counseling, tutoring services, peer mentoring, and workshops and training to keep students on track.

While many things have changed since Amanda attended CCC, the principles and values that support the College’s commitment to our students remain the same. CCC is proud to offer an education that is affordable and accessible, and Amanda is excited to help make that journey a little less frightening through the resources available with EOP.


The Educational Opportunity Program at SUNY CCC helps you identify your strengths, meet the challenges of college, and be successful as a college student. EOP is designed to help break down the barriers to higher education and teach you to advocate for yourself and build community. Learn more about SUNY Corning Community College's Educational Opportunity Program here.