Mark Malmendier '78 and Kathy (Peet) Malmendier '78


How did you two meet?
"High School - Corning Painted Post West High."

When and where did you get married?

"On September 6, 1980, at Watson Homestead in Coopers Plains, NY."

What is your favorite SUNY CCC memory? This may be answered as a couple or individually.

Mark: "Every math class with Dan Hoover! He was the best teacher that I ever had, anywhere, on any subject. As Mark Hangen, one of my contemporaries at SUNY CCC put it, "Dan could make differential equations exciting." Not to detract from any of the other educators in the MPT department, or any other instructors that I've had, but Dan was outstanding. I literally took every course that he taught (except for the remedial catch-up courses).

Here's a specific recollection... I was in the Engineering Science program where there was a core group of about 15 people, so we were pretty tight. We all had to take Calculus III at the same time. When we found out that Dan was not teaching it on campus that semester we transferred en masse to his section of the class. He was teaching an evening section of it off campus at an extension facility, at what was formerly the East Corning Elementary School on Goff Road. Dan's reaction was precious when we all showed up and instantly doubled the size of the class the second night that he was teaching it."

Kathy: "Two things stand out. First, art history classes with professor Margaret Brill. I took the first class because it was an elective I thought would be okay. I didn't take long for me to realize that I wanted to continue studying art history, and I majored in it at SUNY Geneseo. Professor Brill turned a subject I thought might interest me for a semester into a lifelong avocation. I didn't end up pursuing a career in art history, but I will always be grateful for the opportunity to learn about it, starting at SUNY CCC.

Secondly, studying - and gazing out the windows - in the library. There was a small room with study carrels and a full wall of windows, and few knew about it! It was like having my own private library on campus."

Tell us your love story.

"We actually have known each other since 1973, 10th grade at what used to be Corning-Painted Post West High (first setting eyes on each other in Mrs. Smith's first period English class to be precise). While we knew each other and moved in the same circles throughout high school we were not 'an item.' The romance began at a particularly memorable class of '76 high school graduation/birthday party. The romantic aspects of our relationship were on and off a couple of times during our tenure at SUNY CCC from '76 to '78. After graduation from SUNY CCC, we both transferred to different four-year schools. We kept in touch. Part way through our junior year in '78-'79 we finally locked in for good: engaged in February 1980, graduated from four-year schools in May, 1980, married September, 1980, wedded bliss ever since!"

What does SUNY CCC mean to you today?

Mark: "For me and my family SUNY CCC was, and still is, an exceptional value; a quality education at an affordable price. SUNY CCC provided me with a solid base of experience and knowledge. I have been able to build on that throughout my professional career. Especially for someone fresh out of high school, SUNY CCC provides a high quality and cost effective path for acquiring the skillsets that are required for a successful and productive career.

This really hit home for me almost immediately while I was at SUNY CCC. During the holiday break after my first semester, I remember sharing experiences with friends who had gone away to school, some to big name mega-institutions. Some were paying over ten times what I was paying in tuition, sitting in lecture halls with 300-400 other students, and learning the same material from the same exact text books that I was. The extent of any personal instruction that they had was with the class instructors' grad students. Not exactly a quality educational experience for them, despite the premium price. And generally, my friends' stress levels were through the roof. The exact opposite of the SUNY CCC experience for me."

Kathy: "I didn't know what I wanted to do as a career and starting out with a wide selection of great courses at SUNY CCC allowed me to imagine the possibilities for an extremely reasonable price. The faculty was first-rate. When I graduated, I felt very prepared for the next two years at SUNY Geneseo, which was also a very important experience for me - made possible by starting out at SUNY CCC. As the years have passed, my appreciation for SUNY CCC has only grown. I am a strong believer in the value (both financial and educational) of a community college education."

What does your life look like now?

"We live in Canadice, NY, (a little over halfway between Corning and Rochester). We both retired a few years ago from fulfilling and rewarding careers, Kathy from the University of Rochester Advancement Office and Mark from freelance Technical Contracting in a variety of industries. No kids, just a couple of cats. Spending our time these days on the usual retirement pursuits - spending time with family and friends, traveling, and enjoying outdoor activities in every season."

Please share some advice for couples that you've learned through your own relationship.

Mark: "Whatever she says. ;-)"

Kathy: "I really can't top what Mark says above! But I will offer this in addition to his comment: be kind, be patient, be each other's best friend, and laugh. A lot."

Is there anything else you would like to share?

"We are both part of SUNY CCC 'legacies'. Kathy's older brother, Mike, is a SUNY CCC graduate. Mark's mother, Bev, is a graduate of the nursing program. She graduated in '77 so they were both on campus at the same time for one year (not many people can say that they went to the same college at the same time as their mother). Mark's younger siblings, Paul and Andrea, are also SUNY CCC graduates. We have all been benefactors of the SUNY CCC experience."