Requesting Accessibility Services

SUNY Corning Community College is committed to ensuring welcoming and inclusive living and learning environments for all students, including students with disabilities. Accessibility Services supports students with disabilities by approving accommodations and facilitating equal access to campus resources. If you believe that you will need accommodations while attending SUNY CCC, please follow these steps:


Students must meet with the Coordinator of Accessibility Services to begin the process of requesting accommodations.  Please call 962-9262 or email us at to schedule your intake meeting.  

Our office is located on the main campus in Chemung Hall, CHM 100.  We can meet at other campus locations as requested. Telephone conferences may also be arranged for students who may not be able to meet at a campus location.


Students must submit documentation about their disability.  Documentation should describe a student's current functioning and be less than five years old. Students should try to submit documentation prior to the intake meeting. If documentation is not available by the time of the scheduled intake meeting, interim accommodations may be approved to allow time to gather needed documentation.  Documentation should include the following:                 

  • The credentials of the evaluator
  • A diagnostic statement identifying the disability
  • An explanation of how the disability was diagnosed, including relevant evaluation results
  • A description of the functional limitations of the disability
  • A description of the expected stability or progression of the disability
  • A description of current and previous accommodations and/or services
  • A recommendation for accommodations and services at the college level


At the intake meeting, the student and the coordinator will together determine appropriate accommodations.    Students should be prepared to discuss the following:

  1. What is your disability? Be able to name it and describe it.
  2. How does your disability affect you? Think of the following situations:
    • Classroom (lecture, note taking, group work, lab work, physical activity, sitting)
    • Tests and exams (essay exams, multiple choice, timed tests)
    • Communication (listening, speaking, writing, using email)
    • Assignments (deadlines, presentations, reading, writing)
    • Campus (mobility, orientation/navigation)
  3. What accommodations have you used in the past? How have they helped you?
  4. What accommodations do you think you will need in college?

4. After the Meeting

Students who are approved for accommodations will inform their instructors of their accommodations. Accessibility Services provides students with accommodation letters to assist them with conversations with instructors. 

Voter Registration

Accessibility Services is a NYS Voter Registration Site.  At the intake meeting, students will be offered the opportunity to register to vote.  For general election information for New York residents, please visit New York State Board of Elections