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This profile is to be completed by current high school seniors who have completed or are enrolled in SUNY Corning Community College ACE courses and are considering attending SUNY CCC.

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If your legal name is different from the name entered above, please provide your legal name as it will appear on any documents submitted from your high school and as you submitted it for completing your financial aid application.

Chosen Name: When completing the application we recommend you use your legal name to ensure accurate and timely processing of required documents and financial aid. 

Note: Once you are a student at SUNY Corning Community College, to use chosen name, we encourage you to follow the instructions found on our Chosen Name page found here.
Please provide your email address as this is our primary mode of communication regarding the admission process and your next steps.
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Please contact our Recruitment & Admissions Department at 607-962-9151 or via email at if you have questions or need guidance on selecting a program of study. We can assist you in identifying the appropriate program for transfer purposes and your career choice.
With your permission, we will be reaching out to you School Counselor for your high school transcript. Please indicate the high school you will be or have received your high school diploma from upon completing your senior year of study.
SUNY Corning Community College can contact my high school to request my high school transcripts and other enrollment documents as necessary for admission purposes:*
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The following background information is important for measuring the college's progress on equity goals and for grant proposals. 
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