Sri Kamesh Narasimhan

Associate Professor


Phone: 607.962.9240
Office: Schuyler 110B


Sri Kamesh Narasimhan received his Ph.D in chemistry from Syracuse University in 2010. Dr. Narasimhan’s graduate work was followed by a postdoctoral appointment at University of Minnesota in the school of Pharmacy.

Dr. Narasimhan has diverse advising and teaching experience in chemistry and the health sciences. He taught chemistry at Syracuse University as a laboratory instructor for several years while attending graduate school, and received the William D. Johnson Award for Outstanding Teaching Assistantship at Syracuse University in 2009. After the postdoctoral experience at Minnesota, he worked at Idaho State University as a Lecturer of Chemistry teaching general chemistry and organic chemistry courses to undergraduate students.

Dr. Narasimhan believes that chemistry should be taught in the context of one’s natural experiences in the world, and that every event in life is connected. He brings this philosophy to chemistry and makes an attempt to create a connection not only between different areas of chemistry, but also across the various disciplines. Dr. Narasimhan strongly feels that as an educator, one must strive to reach out to every student and guide them to their desired destination with due respect, care and a fruitful collaboration.

Dr. Narasimhan originally hails from India; he was born in Chennai, a big city in Southern India, but during his youth he travelled all over the country and consequently became multilingual. He currently lives with his two kids, Mina and Kiran in Gang Mills, New York. Dr. Narasimhan loves to spend time outdoors in the Finger Lakes with his children. 

Patents and Publications

  • U.S Patent,"Squarylated lactones inhibitors for bacterial biofilm formation." Yan-Yeung Luk, Sri Kamesh Narasimhan and Eric Falcone, Patent number: 8,940,911.
  • John D. Markman and Sri Kamesh Narasimhan, reviewed a chapter on “Pain.” In Merck manual Online. 2013.
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  • Sri Kamesh Narasimhan, Xiaoying Lu and Yan-Yeung Luk*, “Chiral Molecules with Polyhedral T, O or I Symmetry: Theoretical Solution to a Difficult Problem in Stereochemistry” Chirality 2008, 20, 878. 

Professional Affiliations