Hatesh Radia

Associate Professor


Phone: 607.962.9250
Email: hradia@corning-cc.edu
Office: Schuyler 216



University of Masschusetts - Lowell, Mathematics, M.S.
Suffolk University, Biochemistry and Economics, B.S.


Hatesh Radia has been teaching at Corning Community College since 2011. He enjoys helping students develop skills to reach their potential using subjects and ideas that have fascinated him for a very long time. Hatesh enjoys teaching at all levels, from developmental math through Probability and Statistics.


MATH 0960 Pre-Algebra, MATH 0980 Beginning Algebra, MATH 1215 Intermediate Algebra I, MATH 1225 Intermediate Algebra II, MATH 1310 Elementary Statics, MATH 1230 Elements of Applied Math I, MATH 1240 Elements of Applied Math II, MATH 1413 Precalculus, MATH 1610 Calculus I, MATH 1620 Calculus II, MATH 2610 Calculus III, MATH 2620 Ordinary Differential Equations, MATH 2410 Probability and Statistics