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Keystone Residential Scholarship


Pennsylvania residents can now earn an associate’s degree from SUNY Corning Community College at the same tuition as New York State residents. Approved by the College’s Regional Board of Trustees at a special meeting tonight, the Keystone Residential Scholarship is now available to all Pennsylvania students who live on campus. 

When the scholarship is applied, Pennsylvania residents will realize a $5,000 savings per year at SUNY CCC when compared with those paying the College’s out-of-state tuition.

“This scholarship levels the playing field and puts a quality education within reach for our next door neighbors,” said Dr. Katherine P. Douglas. “Pennsylvania students no longer have to choose between their wallet and the quality of their education. We understand that student loan debt is a burden that deters many from choosing their best option. That is no longer the case for Pennsylvania residents. SUNY CCC is consistently ranked among the best for factors that students should consider when selecting a college.”

In 2016, SUNY CCC was named the number one two-year school in New York State. In 2015, Brookings ranked SUNY CCC in the top 20 for return on investment, based on mid-career earnings of the College’s alumni. In 2011, the Aspen Institute named SUNY CCC to the top 10% of community colleges in the country. And, in 2010, the Washington Monthly named SUNY CCC to the top 50 community colleges in the nation.

More than 20,000 alumni have started their professional journeys at SUNY CCC since its founding in 1958. The college is a member of the State University of New York (SUNY). As a SUNY school and a premier two-year college, SUNY CCC is committed to intellectual and personal growth; meeting the educational needs of the community through transfer, career, certificate, and training programs; and enhancing economic development. The College’s diverse population of full- and part-time learners enjoys a high-quality experience at an affordable rate, with an extensive range of educational, cultural, and social opportunities. SUNY CCC’s professors focus on student success: they are devoted to teaching, personally advise their students, and are leaders in their respective disciplines. In addition, SUNY CCC’s emphasis on high standards, sustainability, and technical innovation provides a flexible learning environment that prepares students for a life of service to their professions and their communities in a globally interdependent society.