Dr. Matthew Skerritt

Manuscript Accepted for Publication

The Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education has accepted for publication an article entitled,  "Facilitating Growth through Frustration: Using Genomics Research in a Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience," authored by Dr. Matthew Skerritt and collaborators.

The ability to overcome scientific challenges is essential to being a successful scientist, but replicating these challenges in a teaching setting can be difficult. Through involvement in a Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) in genomics, students participate in novel genomics research within the context of existing coursework. Students are tasked with generating verifiable models of eukaryotic genes using multiple lines of experimental evidence. Through assessment of this research experience, we have found that student learning in the CURE is continuous and recursive, frequently beginning with frustration, but eventually leading to success. Based on these findings, we suggest that a dynamic of what we have termed “formative frustration” is an important aspect for a successful CURE.

Dr. Skerritt teaches courses in Anatomy and Physiology, Cell Biology, and Genetics and maintains an
active research program in genomics. He is also the Head Coach of the SUNY Corning Community
College Men's Cross Country team and is faculty advisor for the Beta Beta Zeta chapter of the Phi Theta
Kappa Honor Society.

The Genomics Education Partnership (GEP) is a consortium of genomics researchers led by the
University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa that provides opportunities for undergraduate students to
participate in genomics research.

“Genomics research results in a massive amount of data,” said Skerritt. “While research universities may
have the resources to collect this data, they often lack the hands to analyze it. Therefore, by
collaborating in this way, the GEP is better able to tackle its genomics big data challenge, and SUNY CCC
students gain meaningful research experience working on a project with tremendous relevance and